Winners of the East European Beer Award Tasting Competition. Rating

24 December 2020

East European Beer Award
The organizers of the East European Beer Award Tasting Competition, the “Technologies and Innovations” media Group and the Kyiv Beer League Beer Sommelier Association analyzed which breweries won the most awards at the beer competition. In 2017-2020, 156 breweries and contract brewers took part in the East European Beer Award Beer and Cider Tasting Competition. Among the winners, awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, were 58 breweries and cider producers.
In four years, the East European Beer Award has become a large-scale event that not only evaluates beer, but also unites the entire industry. This confirms the increase in the number of participants year after year: starting with 34 breweries in 2017, the competition brought together 85 breweries in 2020 on the tasting site.
Who was the record holder in the awards: Altbeir – 17 awards Kumpel – 10 awards Kant – 8 awards Izmail Brewery – 7 awards Midna Bochka – 6 awards Kharkivska Zernova Pyvovarnia – 6 awards Red Cat – 6 awards Ale Point – 5 awards FDB – 5 awards KF Brewery – 5 awards Krapka-Coma – 4 awards. Dudlyar – 4 awards.
3 awards were received by: Solomianska Brewery, To Dublin, Underwood brewery, Tsupa, Riven, Kyiv Local Brewery, Kachka brewery, Father`s brewery Berryland SHO Brewery Bandit Brewery Good Brewery.
1st place was won 5 times – Kumpel and Altbir. Izmail – 4 times. Ale Point, Krapka.Koma, To Dublin, Odessa Private Brewery, Underwood brewery, Kyiv Local Brewery – 2 times. Solomianska Brewery, Underwood brewery, Carlsberg, Ten Men, Solodok, SHO Brewery, Zezya brewery, Fair Brewery, Kharkivska Zernova Brewery, VG, Mad Brew, Troubadour, DiD Brewery, KF Brew, Fathers brewery, Beer legend, Private Gardens, Khmilnyi Lev – 1 time.
2nd place won Altbir – 8! times Tsupa and Kumpel – 3 times, Izmail, Kant, FDB, Riven, Sho brewery, Red Cat – 2 times. Dudlyar, Krapka, Coma, Midna Bochka, Solomyanskaya brewery, Kiliya brewery, Underwood brewery, Yarmarkova brewery, Bandit Brewery, Chumakov, Torskaya brewery, Kyiv Local Brewery, Ale Point, Troubadour, DiD brewery, Umanpivo, KF Brewery Plemya, Lustdorf, Lemberger, Yablo – 1 time each.
3rd place was taken by: Altbier – 4 times, Kant, Midna bochka, KF brewery, Berryland, Kharkiv Grain – 3 times. FDB, Dudlar, Underwood, Ale Point, Bandit Brewery, Red Cat – 2 times. “Volynski Browar”, Krapka. Coma, Solomianska Brewery, To Dublin, Underwood brewery, Riven, Opillia, Kovcheg, Solodok, VG, Pest Brewery, Good Brewery, Pivnoy Gnom, Kachka brewery, Shale de bier, Drofa, Didko, Mova brewing, Kibler – 1 time.
Among the permanent winners of the rating – Altbier, Kumpel, Kant, Izmail Brewery. This shows that all these breweries and their brewers have a huge potential for development.
According to the co-founder of the media group “Technologies and Innovations”, the author of the idea of ​​the competition Kateryna KONEVA, every young brewery has a chance to win, it all depends on the beer submitted to the competition, its characteristics. Of course, there are many secrets to winning, and one of them is that the more good beer samples you serve, the better the chance of winning a beer competition. But still the most important thing is the high quality of the product, its expressiveness, brightness, ability to be remembered by tasters. And yet – accuracy in the category: your beer must fully match the style.