BEER.INSIDE The brewery of Umanpivo company

BEER.INSIDE The brewery of Umanpivo company

The first brewery in Uman city was built by merchants in 1878. And at the beginning of the 20th century, traditional Czech and Bavarian beers were brewed there. Then the brewery passed into the hands of the Soviets, was destroyed during World War II, and only in 1998 it became a private enterprise with the current name – «Umanpivo».

Ігор КИСІЛЬ, СЕО компанії «Уманьпиво»

The reconstruction process started at the brewery in 2008. Umanpivo begins to actively cooperate with German brewers since new German equipment  (cylindrical-conical tanks and a SIP station) was installed at the plant. Due to this, all fermentation processes take place in sterile conditions, and the equipment is washed and disinfected automatically.

New line for bottling beer in kegs put into operation and installed additional tanks for fermentation of beer at the factory in 2014. This has doubled production volume.

The brewery of Umanpivo company began to actively establish international relations and enter foreign markets in 2018. During this time, point deliveries were made to 10 countries around the world and regular exports were established to Poland and Israel.

Uman brewery is almost the only one in Ukraine that has its own fields for growing malting barley. They make malt from it themselves. Uman Brewery uses a certain secret race of yeast to ferment beer. Beer from the traditional line is brewed on modern equipment according to traditional recipes, using its own raw materials.

In 2009 Umanpivo began fruitful cooperation with German manufacturers of brewing equipment, who shared various recipes for traditional beer brewing and now they continue to provide us with their professional help in brewing technologies. The Weisburg beer line includes four varieties: light, white unfiltered, non-alcoholic and red ale.

Ihor KYSIL, CEO of The brewery of Umanpivo company:

We follow the three most important principles in the production of beer. First, we grow raw materials for beer production in our own fields. This allows us to control the quality at every stage: from the seeds of malting barley, which we sow in our fields, to the already finished products that go to the outlets.

Our position remains unchanged – we consciously and in principle do not use any dyes, stabilizers or preservatives in the production of beer. Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are being used, which due to natural fermentation turn into fragrant boozy.And another important postulate – we brew beer under the Bavarian law «On the purity of brewing in 1516», according to which the main ingredients (raw materials) are water, malt, hops. Therefore, we do not use any substitutes for malt, such as maltose molasses and corn.


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