he history of Kryvorizhye Beer Craft LLC began with the love for a good drink. When the positive feedback was more inspiring, it was then that the two friends decided to join forces and move on, grow and bring people a great quality product.

ПИВОВАРНЯ DANGLEBThe name of the brewery DANGLEB consists of two names – Daniel and Gleb. These are two little boys, two sons, who united two families and became the foundation for a common cause. And that’s why we decided to work here with special pleasure, try and improve ourselves, not to give a quality product for a good infusion, not in words but in deeds.

Currently, the company’s capacity is not so great – a brewing order of 500 liters and four beers in the range. In particular, LIGHT Lager (ALC 5%, PLATO 13 °, IBU 16) DARK Dark beer (ALC 5.5%, PLATO 15 °, IBU 30), RYE Rye beer (ALC 5%, PLATO 14 °, IBU 20), WHEAT Wheat beer (ALC 4.5%, PLATO 12.5 °, IBU 13).
Oleh PROKOPENKO, owner of DANGLEB brewery:
– Our company is still making the first steps in the world of craft brewing. We work diligently and persistently to make our product better and better. We hope for a progressive future, because we, Ukrainians, deserve the best!
Olexander GISHEV, brewer of DANGLEB brewery:

– My goal is to work for success. After all, work that brings satisfaction should bring good results. When we hear good feedback from our customers, it gives us confidence that we are moving in the right direction. We welcome objective criticism and sincerely wish to invite all craft beer lovers to our family.



Beer shop DANGLEB str. Ivana Avramenko, 21-a, tel .: +380684926464
Cafe «Lisova Polyana» st. Parkova, 13-a
Clan-house SYNDICATE Bar, 9 Sofia Perovska Street
Restaurant “Khinkalnya” ave. Gagarin, 12/1
Khinkalnya Restaurant Victory 30th Anniversary Square,
ТRK «Sonyachna Galereya»
Beer restaurant “RULKA” Metallurgists Avenue, 24

LLC “Beer Craft of Kryvyi Rih”
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