BEER.INSIDE Torska brewery

BEER.INSIDE Torska brewery
The name “Torska Brewery” is closely connected with the history of Slovyansk, which in the 17th century. was called Thor. The Torsk fortress protected the settlement from enemy raids (the image of which, by the way, formed the basis of the brewery’s logo). At that time, Thor was a center for salt production and trade – the settlement grew, new activities were born, including brewing.
Торська пивоварняIn modern Slovyansk, the Torska Brewery, the only company working in this direction, continues the tradition of brewing with dignity. The history of Torska Brewery dates back to more than 10 years ago, from the construction project of the TALER entertainment center in Slovyansk. Initially, the brewery was conceived as a highlight of the complex, but eventually became an anchor around which the whole concept of the entertainment center TALER revolved: with a restaurant, bowling club, large billiard room and hotel.
The brewing order is located in the restaurant hall, thanks to which the “beer theater” is available for viewing. For those interested, there are guided tours of the brewery with tasting, demonstration of the entire path of beer – from bean to drop.

The turnkey brewery (the whole set of equipment) was installed by ZiP Technologies specialists from Hungary.

Today, Torska Brewery produces 5-6 types of beer on a regular basis: classic Czech lagers and various English and American types of ale. The brewery also practices contract brewing, taking into account and anticipating all customer wishes.

Oleksiy KORMYSHOV, Director of Torska Brewery:

We are proud of the history of our hometown, a unique natural land, and continue to develop the beer culture of the region. Improving ourselves professionally, we delight our guests with old traditions and new achievements of brewing in the outstanding city of Slovyansk.

El Caramel, a semi-dark Belgian-style beer, won silver in the Red/Amber/Semidark category.

Торська пивоварня

Torska Brewery
TALER Entertainment Center
Slovyansk, blvd. Pushkin, 9