BEER.INSIDE Pryvatni sady

BEER.INSIDE Pryvatni sady
Ltd «Pryvatni sady» began its history in 2015 on the basis of the former winery, located on the territory of the fruit and berry state farm. August 1, in the Kharkiv region.
Приватні садиSince 1932, the area of this farm (1500 hectares) housed orchards and berries, most of the harvest was processed at the local winery. They made cider, fruit and berry wines, liqueurs, tinctures, wine materials, other fermented beverages, juices and jams.
Currently, the company holds a top position among cider producers in the on-trade segment. Every year the company’s management modernizes production facilities. Here they strive to automate and optimize all stages of the cider production process, from juice production to bottling, labeling and storage of finished products.
The company has preserved the old enameled containers in which the product is fermented in accordance with Soviet GOST. This makes it taste unique. The ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management certificate confirms the quality of beverages. Importantly, the company has its own certified laboratory, which allows you to control the quality at all stages of production of cider: from raw materials to finished products in the warehouse.
Vitaliy SAZONOV, commercial director of Ltd «Pryvatni sady»:
– I believe that the basic principles of production should be only natural ingredients, appropriate equipment, and most importantly – the soul and professionalism of technologists.
We are proud of all our products: they are considered exclusive because they are created by a group of our technologists and approved by the tasting commission of the company. The basis of cider production is apple juice, it is felt in the aftertaste of any variety, and the use of sugar emphasizes the sweetness of this fruit. In terms of organoleptic properties, our ciders resemble fermented juices, are easy to drink and give a joyful mood. After all, cider is a cool drink that charges with energy and sets you up for the holiday.
Cider must meet consumer demands regardless of its status and taste priorities. The highlight of the company is that the basis of all drinks – fruits and berries of exclusively Ukrainian production.
The range of products of TM “Private Gardens” allows you to satisfy the whims of even the most demanding gourmets. Consumers are offered more than 90 types of various ciders, including: sweet, semi-sweet, strong and quiet. The latter are produced under three brands: PRIVATE GARDENS, PIANO FRUITS and KRAFT GARDENS.
In 2020, the company actively worked on the TM KRAFT GARDENS brand, which will present cider in retail in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the company developed the concept of the first Ukrainian craft cider with an emphasis on the palette of berry flavors.
The KRAFT GARDENS TM collection has more than 25 different flavors. Several lines – with unique author’s tastes of different strength and have different packaging. Two lines have already been launched: the first – 0.33 l (7.5% strength cider), the second – 0.5 l – light sparkling cider. Therefore, everyone can easily find their unique taste depending on the strength, level of carbonation, sweetness, variation of berries and fruits.
In the first half of 2021, they plan to launch several more lines, including siphons – offers for large companies (carbonated ciders, 5% strength in 1.5 liters). The unique product due to the design of the siphon will create the effect of uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine, and the process of consumption turns into a show. Also – a line of “quiet” non-carbonated ciders in tubes. Previously, this format was used exclusively for wine.
YABLUCHNYI, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – gold medal in the Dry Cider category
YABLUCHNYI ZI SLYVOYU, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – 5th place in the Dry Cider category
YABLUCHNYI Z SUNETSEYU, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – 4th place in the Sweet Cider category
YABLUCHNYI Z VYSHNEYU, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – 5th place in the Sweet Cider categoryYABLUCHNYI Z GREIPFRUTOM, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – 7th place in the Sweet Cider category

YABLUCHNYI, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – gold medal in the Dry Cide category
ZBYTEN MEDOVYI, TM KRAFT GARDENS – gold medal in the Sweet Cider category

YABLUCHNYI Z SUNETSEYU, TM KRAFT GARDENS – silver medal in the Sweet Cider category
YABLUCHNYI З GREIPFRUTOM, TM PRIVAT GARDENS – bronze medal in the Sweet Cider category

Cider ТМ PRIVATE GARDENS, PIANO FRUITS і KRAFT GARDENS are distributed through distributors, in establishments of own trade network and networks of shops of partners: Beer Market, «Tandem», «Druzhushche», «Pivasov», Novus, «Silpo», «Pyvna kramnytsia», «Pyvna Bochka», «Bochka pyva» etc.
Приватні сади
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