The culture of beer consumption in Ukraine is growing, and accordingly the number of breweries is increasing. In 2020, another point appeared on the Beer Map of Ukraine – REMESLO BREWERY.

Пивне ремеслоThe turnkey brewery project was developed by the Ukrainian company Kraft Innovation. Currently, the production capacity of the brewery is up to 180 tons. Raw materials for beer production are used here, both imported and Ukrainian.

Volodymyr MARCHENKO, founder of  «Pivnoe remeslo» company та co-owner of REMESLO BREWERY brewery:

– The idea to open my own brewery came to me five years ago, when I built the first branded beer tray “Pivnoe remeslo”. I still remember how he called to buy quality beer from a small tray, and in 2019 he began to realize his idea. And this year they built a plant with the co-owners. I even have my own powerful slogan: “From a tray to a brewery in 5 years.” A few months ago we made the first brew – lager-type beer “Zhatetske”. Beer was presented in their own network, people appreciated this variety and bought it in a few days.

By the way, the brewery uses its own special recipe, where the founder of the brewery together with the brewer sharpens each variety to the ideal.
1-2 experimental beers are produced here every week. Among the permanent varieties of the brewery: English dark ale, “Prague”, German lager, Belgian ale, Milkshake IPA mango, Golden Ale, German Weissbier.
Moscowskyi Avenue, 256. Теl. +380955009599
Grytsevtsa street, 33а. Теl. +380954895740
Yuvileynyi Avenue, 64. Теl. +380660728990
Saltovskoe highway, 147/149. Теl. +380994620691
Moscowskyi Avenue, 257
Valentinovskaya (Bluhera) street , 15, Теl. +380502337075
Lesya Serdyuk street, 44. Теl. +380509160810
Poltava way, 140А/1. Теl. +380952172099
Stadium travel, 11. Теl. +380504945788
Ludwig Svobody Avenue, 37. Теl. +380952888090
Traktorobudivnykiv Avenue, 130/7, Теl. +380502663338
23 serpnyia street, 30. Теl. +380505613651
Haharina Avenue, 177. Теl. +380500867571
Amosova street, 42. Теl. +380992841533
Heroiv of Stanligrada, 136/8.  Теl. +380664919423
Saltovskoe highway, 248. Теl. +380991892935
Hozhulianska street, 4
Europeiska street, 42-Н
Пивне ремесло
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