An artisan brewery has been operating in the village of Mykulychyn since 2002, which has become a business card of the Yaremche region, and produces beer of its own brand “Hutsulske”. The founder and head of the brewery is a resident of the village of Mykulychyn
Vasyl Motruk.
Василь МОТРУК, засновник та керівник броварні «Гуцульське»In 2000, Vasyl Motruk began implementing a project of European production and culture of beer consumption. The brewery was built over an Austrian cellar, which was lined with stone in 1878. The vault is made of an arch with filigree stone blocks … Vasyl showed his creative talent and combined production aspects with the ethnic culture of the Carpathian region. Thus, the name of the Hutsul brand, the logo, the architecture of the buildings, the interior of the premises – reproduces the color of the inhabitants of the Carpathians.
In 2002, the brewery began brewing the first classic varieties. Later, based on their own experience and preferences of visitors, it became necessary to create new individual varieties. Combining classic ingredients with local: fragrant herbs, juicy berries and honey, we create a variety of flavors and aromas of beer, which clearly emphasize the peculiarity of the Carpathian region and its authenticity.
Since its foundation, the Hutsulske brewery has been developing as a handicraft workshop and is a family project, as everyone from Vasyl Motruk’s close family is involved in handicrafts. Later they decided to create a unique company HutsulBrew (“Hutsul Var”), the purpose of which is to show visitors the life of Hutsuls, ethnic cuisine, the culture of their art, living in harmony with nature. The brewery has an apiary, a farm with a mountain meadow in the mountains, a cheese factory, and a workshop for making natural cosmetics.
The uniqueness of the brewery is that its products, in particular Hutsulske beer, are known throughout Ukraine and abroad. However, you can buy them only in the store at the brewery or order delivery.

Hutsulske beer at the VI All-Ukrainian professional competition on the quality of products of mini-breweries “Grani Yakosti-2020” was awarded a special prize “Vershyna doskonalosti”.

Vasyl MOTRUK, founder and head of Hutsulske Brewery:

– The multifaceted taste of beer reveals the true story. History of family, culture and people values. This is exactly what attracts people who are looking for the real, sincere and special.

Brand store: Mykulychyn, Hryshevskoho street, 68B
Excursions to Hutsulske Brewery: +38 067 343 13 89
Гуцульське Микуличин
78590 Ukraine,  Mykulychyn
Hryshevskoho street, 68B
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