Khotyanivska Brewery Hott’S is a small enterprise located in an ecologically clean corner of the Kyiv region in the village of Khotyanivka. The energy of nature inspires brewers to create an environmentally friendly product – a delicious natural beer brewed on the basis of the best traditions of world brewing.
For the production of delicious, and most importantly natural and healthy beer, the best equipment was purchased, thanks to which the brewery meets European requirements for brewing, fermentation and fermentation of beer.
Хотянівська пивоварня «Hott'S»Brewing of beer is carried out according to proven generations of brewers recipes that are improved in production to obtain new unique flavors. And use for this exclusively natural, selected components: the purest artesian water, the best grades of malt and fragrant hops.

Hott’S Brewery produces small batches. After all, the emphasis is not on mass production, but on creating really tasty, unique beers. To date, the brewery is ready to offer nine beers, obtained as a result of many experiments of the best experts in the field of brewing, as well as bread kvass and lemonade, which will surprise with richness and brightness of taste.

The aroma, shade, and most importantly the taste of craft depends primarily on hops and grains, as well as the addition of various aromatic and flavoring ingredients. Malt has its own unique palette – the grain can be light and only slightly toasted or velvety-dark, caramel with chocolate notes and so on. But hops affect not only the bitterness of the drink, but also its unique aroma. Thanks to different varieties of hops, beer can have both an earthy or herbal aroma and a fruity-citrus one – it all depends on the author’s recipe and the skill of the brewer. Hott’S Brewery guarantees every customer the highest quality beer and non-alcoholic products.

Although the brewery is ready to offer favorable terms of cooperation for the sale of unpasteurized unfiltered beer. «Hott’S» actively cooperates with beer shops, bars and pubs and is ready to offer the highest quality product that retains the benefits and unique taste of each ingredient.

You can find the brewery’s products in many specialized stores in Kyiv and Kyiv region (full list – on the website in the «Partners» section). The brewery also plans to open online beverage sales soon.


Khotyanivka village
Vyshhorod district
Tel .: +38 097 294 00 77,
+38 095 294 00 77