Since 2014, Pravda Beer Theater has been brewing cool craft beer, which is drunk not only in Ukraine, but also in fifteen countries around the world.

ПравдаWithout exaggeration:

“Pravda” beer competes with the best American, Japanese and Swedish craft. It is talked about, it is demonstrated, because the extravagant labels on the bottles of “Pravda” carry sharp messages to all continents of the world. The official results of Pravda’s success speak for themselves:

more than 15 medals in world beer competitions, 2 million guests, more than 2.5 million liters of true beer brewed by the best breweries from Ukraine, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the United States.
The brewery started with 600 thousand liters of annual capacity. From the technological equipment, two combined vats were first installed here – a gate and a wort boiler, and in 2018 a separate wort tank was added. Subsequently, Pravda significantly expanded production by opening a modern brewery in a new building. Currently, the brewery has 10 CCTs per 20 hectoliters, and 12 CCTs per 40 hectoliters and 60 hectoliters. The first equipment at the brewery was made in the Czech Republic, and later Kraft Innovation LLC dismantled, transported, installed the equipment and completed the Pravda brewery.
Yuri ZASTAVNY, founder of Pravda Beer Theater:
– It all started as usual. After many years of working in corporate business, I wanted to make my own project.
And since I used to live in Belgium, where I learned that beer can be varied and interesting, the source of inspiration for me was the Belgian brewing. In addition, as an independent director, I have long collaborated with the holding !FEST, which made Lviv chocolate and coffee a successful product. And we decided that the next such product could be beer.Plus, I really like this drink. But I am an economist by education. So when I got down to business, I first of all bought all the school chemistry textbooks.
There are two important things in brewing: first, you need to have a clear vision of what kind of beer you want to produce, you need to like yourself and maybe your friends. Secondly, it is necessary to have the baggage of technological knowledge about water, production process, chemistry, biochemistry, yeast work, temperature pauses, modes, etc. In fact, if you have some minimal theoretical basis for brewing, delicious beer is not so difficult to brew. But to make a brilliant beer or excellent will be difficult. It may take more than one year to brew a “three” or “four” beer, but a few more years to “five”.
It is thanks to its originality and high quality that Lviv beer Pravda is rapidly conquering the Ukrainian market. Today, in addition to the Pravda Beer Theater, establishments of the! FEST network in Lviv, the Pravda Pub, beer from the city of Lviv is sold in craft shops and pubs in most cities of Ukraine.
Ihor CHERTOV, brewer of Pravda brewery:
– Since we are a craft brewery, we have a huge variety of varieties. Of course, we have a permanent line that provides our partner network. In particular, among the varieties constantly available:«Sylа», «Cnervoni ochi», «Obama», «Frau Ribentrop», «Tramp», «Toy, shcho proishov kriz vohon», «Tom Yam».
We use both imported and Ukrainian raw materials for brewing beer. In recent years, we have formed a reputation as a brewery that tries to brew beer from Ukrainian ingredients. For example, beer “Zenik zi
Lvova” is brewed exclusively from Ukrainian components – hops, malt, as well as different generations of yeast, which can also be considered Ukrainian.
Pravda Brewery strives to balance: on the one hand – to provide the network with constant beers, on the other – to experiment. It often happens that the experiments “shoot”, a batch of new beer can be bought up in a week, then such varieties become permanent.
Many breweries, when preparing their own beer for the competition, make great efforts, hone the variety or seek to make an exclusive. Pravda is proud to be able to take any beer off the shelf, submit it to the world competition on the last day of selection and win silver. This means that any party on the shelf is, firstly, high-quality and, secondly, so tasty that it can win medals at prestigious European competitions.


Syla – «bronze» of European Beer Star 2016 (Germany)
and «gold» of World Beer Idol 2017 (Czech Republic)
Lvivska Vesna – «silver» of World Beer Idol 2016 (Czech Republic)
Quadrupl – «bronze» of World Beer Idol 2016 (Czech Republic)
Vid Syanu do Donu – «bronze» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 (Belgium), «silver» of World Beer Idol 2016
(Czech Republic), «silver» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 (Belgium) and «silver» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2019 (Belgium)
Obama Hope – «bronze» of World Beer Idol 2017 (Czech Republic)
Cnervoni ochi – «gold» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2016 (Belgium) and «bronze» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2019 (Belgium)
Lobster – «silver» of World Beer Idol 2017 (Czech Republic)
American Wheat – «silver» of Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 (Belgium)
Putin Huilo – «bronze» of World Beer Idol 2018 (Czech Republic)
Frau Ribbentrop – «bronze» of World Beer Idol 2018 (Czech Republic)
Toy, shcho proishov kriz vohon – «silver» of World Beer Idol 2018 (Czech Republic)
2020 year
Canada – DeLancey Direct Incorporated
Switzerland – Apero Time Sarl
Poland – Circus Family Sp. z o.o
Germany – Kalea
2019 year
Italy (Rome) – CIR SRL
Sweden – Khmil Import
2018 year
France (Calais) – Planete Soif
Spain – Gourpass
2017 year
Austria (Salzburg) – Kalea
United Kingdom (Bradford) – Pyvo UK
Belarus (Minsk) – BeerCap
Belgium (Ostacker) – Dranken Geers
Belgium (Liège) – L’Antre du Vaudrée
Switzerland (Solothurn) – Craft Bier Center
2016 year
Poland (Nadarzyn) – John King
Poland (Lublin) – Strefa Piwa
In Ukraine, Pravda beer is sold in many pubs, restaurants and shops, as well as in Silpo, OKKO filling stations, VOG filling stations, etc. At the end of 2020, the first point of sale of bottled and draft beer “Pravda” in Lviv was opened – “Pravda Craft Mission” at vul. Yaneva, 19 (LCD “America”).

There is beer delivery in Ukraine: +38 050 373 03 53.
Registration for tours and tastings is by prior arrangement by phone:+38 050 373 03 53.
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