BEER.INSIDE Izmailska Brewery

BEER.INSIDE Izmailska Brewery
On March 12, 2010, Izmailska Brewery launched 4 beers. 10 years have passed since then, the range of the brewery already has 16 varieties under the Fest brand. Izmail Brewery delights fans of quality beer not only in Izmail and Odessa, but also in other regions of the country – Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Cherkasy and Bila Tserkva. What is interesting: the company successfully operates not in the “beer”, but in the wine region, where consumer tastes are more focused on wine.
Володимир УРСУЛ, директор ТОВ «Ізмаїльська пивоварня»Beer is made in the best traditions of German brewing on German equipment, taking into account the regional tastes of consumers. The heart of the brewery is a 3-vessel brewing order, a significant advantage of which is the preparation of wort in various ways, as well as high-tech CCT, which provides stable quality and appropriate parameters of unfiltered beer. The company uses water treatment from Jurby Watertech Aqua Hard and a steam generator from CERTUSS.
Volodymyr URSUL, director of Izmail Brewery LLC:
– One of the main principles of the company’s policy is to produce only safe, consistently high-quality and tasty products. In 2012, the company implemented a food safety management system, and in 2020 moved to a new international version of ISO 22000: 2018.
Regardless of the variety or style, we strive to produce a quality product from cooking to cooking, which has a recognizable taste, color and aroma. Our beer is said to be a beer with a “Bessarabian” character. We pay special attention to hygiene and sanitation in production – this is the main guarantee of safety and stability. Our company has its own fully equipped measuring laboratory. It is certified by the certification body “FACTUM” Conformity Assessment Center for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012: 2005. Measurement control systems in accordance with the field of certification. We carry out all incoming control of raw materials, ingredients and auxiliary materials, as well as control at all stages of beer production. Additional verification of finished products is carried out in external independent state laboratories.
Development of beer recipes that would best satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers of Odessa and other regions of Ukraine – one of the most important moments of the Izmail brewery. The company often uses various blends of malt, hops (both domestic and foreign), bottom and top fermentation yeast, as well as experimenting with different combinations of fruits, spices and unsweetened materials. To be honest with the consumer, to surprise with tastes and styles of beer of TM “Fest”, not to stand still, but to remain invariable and steadfast in questions of quality. This expands the circle of beer lovers and sets a high bar for further development.
The name “Fest” already carries a festival, a holiday and a good mood. The brewery participates in all-Ukrainian competitions, regional festivals, city events and fairs.
II All-Ukrainian competition “Grani yakosti”
• Gold medal for the highest quality beer “Fest Light”
• Gold medal for the highest quality of beer “Fest Velvet”
III All-Ukrainian competition “Grani yakosti”
• Gold medal for high quality “Fest Light”
• Gold medal for high quality “Velvet Fest”
• Gold medal for high skill
Tasting competition East European Beer Award-2017
• Пиво «Fest Карамельне» – золота медаль у категорії Dark Lager
• Пиво «Fest Ризьке» – бронзова медаль у категорії Pale Lager
Tasting competition East European Beer Award-2018
• Beer «Fest Karamelne» – silver medal in the Dark Lager category
Tasting competition East European Beer Award-2019
• Beer «Fest Ryzke» – gold medal in the Pale Lager category
• Beer «Fest Karamelne» – silver medal in the Dark Lager category
Tasting competition East European Beer Award-2020
• Beer «Fest Svitle» – gold medal in the Pale Lager category
• Beer «Blanche de Fest» – gold medal in the Witbier category
Tasting competition Hop Cup Ukraine Open Beer Awards-2020
• Beer«Blanche de Fest» –gold medal in the Wheat category
• Beer «A.P.A. Fest» – gold medal in the APA category
• Beer «Cheske» – silver medal in the Light Lager category
• Beer«Fest Karamelne» – bronze medal in the Dark Lager category
Izmailska Brewery
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