BEER.INSIDE Kiliya Brewery

BEER.INSIDE Kiliya Brewery
«Live beers – for good people!»The history of the Kiliya brewery begins with the brewing of the European variety of traditional lager beer, which was named «Kapitan Silver» – light unfiltered unpasteurized beer. It happened in 2010. Since then, the brewery has given life to seven more beers.
Beer at the Kiliya Brewery is brewed in accordance with the German law “Of the purity of beer”. The brewery’s equipment is made in Germany, assembled and adjusted by the manufacturer’s specialists, and the technological control of the beer production process is carried out by a team of experienced technologists. Ігор КАПІТАН
Ihor KAPITAN, owner of Kiliya Brewery

In 2020, Kiliya Brewery celebrates 10th anniversary of its activity. In comparison with other, «age» breweries, Kiliya inferior only in age. For these 10 years it is done many, but the most important achievement is that that the culture of consumption of the real living beer brewed according to the classic recipe, already well known to our consumers. And brewing professionals have repeatedly noted our success at national and international brewing competitions. Malt, hops and purified water – this is the main recipe for brewing beer, which, of course, does not do without adding love to your business and the consumer!

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Kiliya Brewery Kiliya,
street Kubishkina, 1-b
Tel./fax: +38 (04843) 4-16-52