BEER.INSIDE Troubadour Craft Brewery

BEER.INSIDE Troubadour
«Craft Brewery Troubadour began its history in 2014 year.
As a creative director, generator of ideas and, in fact, the main brewer of Craft Brewery Troubadour, Volodymyr Kushnyrov step by step is the matter of just a hobby – to a powerful enterprise. Currently, production volumes reach 10 tons per month, but at the start – the opening of the plant, which will significantly increase volumes. And then even more friends and fans of this drink will be able to enjoy a good beer.

Volodymyr KUSHNYRIOV, Chief Brewer of the Troubadour Craft Brewery:

Володимир КУШНИРЬОВ, головний пивовар Крафтової Броварні Трубадур Once Igor, he is our ideological inspirer, the main motivator, an investor, an engineer and a critic (fair and stern), brought me a gift from the USA – a bottle of craft beer, it was an IPA. Taste, balance of bitterness, aftertaste turned my idea of ​​this drink. Since then, I have set myself the goal of brewing something like this, a really decent drink.

I made the first brew on November 14, 2014, I consider this date to be the birthday of Craft Brewery Troubadour. The range of brewery is about 10 varieties of craft beer.

But all this would be impossible without a close-knit and reliable team of like-minded people. The brewery team is small, but everyone does a common thing. Attitude to this business as a favorite pastime, we are already a single family.

Therefore, I believe that the success of any business is a team, which working on a common goal! The goal of the brewery doesn’t stop there, surprise our friends with new tastes, ideas and moving forward with the team!

Winning beers at the International Beer Competition of East European Beer Award 2019:
Blackbird Porter – gold in the Porter|Stout category.
My Deer Stout – silver in the Stout category.

Крафтова Броварня Трубадур Craft Brewery Troubadour
Odessa city
tel.: +38 (067) 557 03 06,,а