Black Sea Brewery BLISS


BLISS Brewery was founded in 2013 on the Black Sea coast and it is an integral part of the BLISS recreation complex.

Initially, the brewery produced only three main types of beer: light, wheat and dark.

On July 1, 2020, not only the name of the brewery was changed to “Black Sea Brewery BLISS”, but also the brewer Denis Hutsul, who changed the ideas and approaches to the beer production.

Currently in the range of BLISS Black Sea Brewery: India pale Lager; Stout; Witbier; Pale Lager; Pilsner; Special Beer.

Brewers use high-quality raw materials to produce beer: Ukrainian, Czech, Belarusian malts, German and American hops, French yeast, local water is obtained from a depth of more than 145 m. Beer is produced at Heinrich Schultz equipment.


In 2021, the brewery took part and won a number of awards in the Fifth International Tasting Competition “East European Beer Award 2021” in:

  • India Pale Lager – bronze in the India Pale Lager category;
  • Rubi Red Ale – bronze in the category “Red / Amber / Semi Dark”;
  • Stout – Diploma of the finalist “Top 10 Best Beer of Ukraine” in the category “Porter / Stout”.

Beer can only be purchased at the brewery.

Address: Kherson region,

Skadovsk district,

village Iron Port, Morska Street 3m/1