BEER.INSIDE Kozatska Brovarnya Restaurant

BEER.INSIDE Kozatska Brovarnya
The founders of the Sumy brewery «Kozatska Brovarnya» are expanding the geolocation of craft beer in Ukraine. In the family brewery – replenishment. In Kremenchug, in the heart of the city, on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper in June 2020, opened the «Kozatska Brovarnya».

Ресторан «Козацька Броварня»

Valerii ZHUKOV, brewery owner:

Now we see that the greatest need in Ukraine is to modernize and increase production capacity. Therefore, here we used other equipment with more efficient technologies, which allows us to reach a new level in beer production and not stay on track.


Ресторан «Козацька Броварня»

Kozatska Brovarnya Restaurant
Kremenchuk city,
16/9 Soborna st.
Tel. for orders:
+38 068 068 97 77
+38 099 068 97 77