BEER.INSIDE Rivne Private Elite Brewery

BEER.INSIDE Rivne Private Elite Brewery

Eliteco Limited Liability Company was founded in 2012 in the city of Rivne. The main direction of the enterprise is the production of craft beer. Elite beer is made on Hungarian Jager equipment on the basis of traditional recipes, following the real Bavarian technology of the Law of Purity of Beer, which strictly regulates the recipe of beer. As a few centuries ago, the basis of beer “Elite” has three components: barley, hops and water.

Рівненська Приватна Броварня «Еліт»A necessary condition for the preparation of quality beer is compliance with the purity of production, which is ensured through the use of high quality detergents and disinfectants. Thanks to observance of all technological processes, namely cooking, fermentation, fermentation, we receive qualitative Elite beer. Elite beer has an extremely mild taste with a pleasant bitterness and aroma of hops. Currently, the brewery offers the following range of products: beer “Elit svitle”, “Elite burshtynove”, Dark Honey and Ginger Red, as well as kvass, mojito and blended cider.

Pavlo MOKRENSKY, CEO of Eliteko LLC:

– We deliver finished products mainly no more than a radius of 30 km from production facilities. Delivery is performed by our own transport on the day of the order. This gives us the opportunity to offer truly live fresh and quality beer to our customers – for this they appreciate the beer “Elite”.

We also plan to launch the production of a premium craft beer line in the future. It will differ from the existing items by ingredients of foreign origin, the production process and a wider variation of beer styles.

Taras KHYZHNYAK, brewer of Eliteco LLC:

 – Only natural raw materials are used for beer production, exclusively from Ukrainian producers. In principle, we do not filter, pasteurize or use methods to increase the shelf life of beer. After all, we want to keep everything tasty, healthy, and give the consumer the opportunity to buy a product with the best characteristics of “live beer”.

The Eliteko team is constantly working to improve production technology and increase the product range. In particular, in 2019 another area of ​​activity of the enterprise was introduced – cider production. In their production, the technology of natural fermentation and the principle of delivery of the finished product to the consumer on the day of the order are also used. The main components of cider are natural apple juice, sugar, yeast and the addition of juices of different flavors, which are made from the fruits of Ukrainian lands. All this ensures the authenticity of the taste and distinguishes the products of the brewery among other producers.

Rivne Private Brewery “Elite” invites restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, distributors who wish to become representatives of our brewery in their region +38 068 323 26 78

Рівненська Приватна Броварня «Еліт»

Rivne Private Elite Brewery
Eliteco LLC
Ukraine, Rivne,
Soshenka street, 5


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