«VOLYNSKI  BROWAR» is a new brand on the Ukrainian craft beer market. The brewery is located in Berezne city, Rivne region. Beer has been brewed here since December 2014, using own professional equipment.

Микола ІВАЩИШИН, директор пивоварні «ВОЛИНСЬКИЙ БРОВАР»

The heart of  VOLYNSKI BROWAR brewery is a complex of brewing equipment made by Slovak specialists of the Blonder Beer plant, and CCT fermentation tanks, where beer ferments and matures for 20-30 days. The pride of the brewery is a high-quality and reliable water treatment plant of the Danish company Eurowater, with fully automatic control.

The constant movement in the direction of innovation contributes improvement of technological processes at the brewery. A GEA separator, which was installed  two years ago, helped to solve the problem of beer filtration. And tanks of  Ukrainian company Craft Innovation recently have been installing.

The brewery have the latest American Meheen bottling line for bottling, and is also equipped with a new air purification system and ATLAS COPCO compressor.

The specialists of «VOLYNSKI BROWAR» use the best raw materials and traditional brewing methods.
The VOLYNSKI BROWAR trademark has already successfully established itself on the Ukrainian market. Citizens of the capital and  of almost all regional and district centers of Ukraine can enjoy the entire range of breweries.

Mykola IVASHCHYSHYN, director of the VOLYNSKI BROWAR brewery:

We want, that everyone, who once taste the beer of TM «VOLYNSKI BROWAR» to share our passion and originality, starting a serious search for taste sensations in a glass with a golden crown of foam and, thus, join the large army of craft lovers.

The range of beer produced by the brand «VOLYNSKI BROWAR» is represented by more than 20 beers, non-alcoholic beer ZERO, as well as non-alcoholic fruit-hopped carbonated drink NOTE HOP Lemon & Hop.

Волинський бровар

34600 Ukraine, Rivne region
Berezne city,  Andriyivska street, 72B