BEER.INSIDE Fichte’n brewery

BEER.INSIDE Fichte’n brewery
The mini-brewery is located in the village of Korytnyany, near Uzhgorod in the Zakarpattia region. First beer was brewed in 2017. Fichte’n brewery is known for brewing special craft beers, so they use quality raw materials and follow traditional recipes.


The brewery is a participant in festivals, fairs and various entertainment and cultural events of regional importance. In order to develop a culture of beer consumption, tastings and workshops on brewing are held.

Borys SMEREKA, director of Fichte’n brewery

Fichte’n brewery is a family brewery that brews special craft beers. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to work for all 100, we strive to satisfy our consumers, and at the same time we are constantly experimenting. One of our latest experiments is beer with grapefruit.

Uzhgorod is the capital of Zakarpattia, and unique mini-sculptures have become a tourist feature of our city. Their creator is the sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko. They are the main characters on the labels of our beer.

The Fichte’n brewery line consists of regular variety of beer, such as: Fichte’n APA (American Pale Ale), Fichte’n Weizen, Fichte’n Light, Fichte’n IPA (India Pale Ale), Fichten’n Porter.

Experimental beers are also being prepared – this is always a limited series, here are a few of them: India Pale Lager, Fichte’n Premium, Black IPA.

Retail outlets:
pub Manufaktura, Craft Beer Market; pub Belfast-1 (8-ho bereznia st.) and Belfast-2 (SC «Edelweiss»); pub «Dryva-1» (Legotsky st.) and «Dryva-2» (Svobody avenue); inn «Pidkova»
(Perechyn city); PRO Pub; pubs of Chester, pizzerias «Safari», «Basilico», shop Pinta; Beer Zone; «Kruzhka», «Dusha pyvovara»; «Pyvnyj Bum»; IZI Bar; pub «Dyatel».

Fichte’n brewery

Fichte’n brewery

Korytnyany village,
Uzhgorod district,

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