Beer Snacks is a Ukrainian company-distributor, importer and producer of snacks.
Beer SnacksMore than 8 years ago, the founder had the idea to create a special store of the best beer delicacies. Today, the Beer Snacks range includes 115 snack items: Ukrainian and imported fish and meat snacks, a variety of nuts, croutons, fish and meat. Among the biggest consumer preferences – squid, meat chips, pistachios.
Oleksandr SPYRYDONOV, Director of Beer Snacks company:
– It all started when I found a producer of quality dried fish, which we started selling, by the way, and we are still working with him. Later, they expanded the range and added Chinese snacks, nuts and meat. We now have our own meat shop, which provides a chain of stores with 12 items of various delicacies. The most important thing for us is quality, we choose the product quite meticulously.
Interestingly, the company cooperates with China (squid group), Vietnam (anchovies, stripes), Iran (pistachios). Beer Snacks presents its products at various national and regional beer festivals, competitions and exhibitions. Today, Beer Snacks products can be purchased in Rivne, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia regions, as well as order delivery by Nova Poshta. Close cooperation has been established on the sale of Beer Snacks products with the Birville chain of stores.
Beer Snacks
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