IX Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs: keeping a course on flagship varieties of beer, digitalization and successful marketing

18 September 2020

Analytics of the IX Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs
On September 9-10, the craft community of Ukraine was united by the ninth Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs. About 200 representatives of restaurants-breweries, experienced brewers and novice brewers, technologists and marketers of medium and mini-breweries, Ukrainian and foreign producers from Germany, Italy, Sweden discussed current issues, achievements and trends of the brewing industry. The best speakers and experts, experienced brewers and restaurateurs, important hot topics, a rich two-day program – it’s all about ninth Forum!
The event became a platform for meeting, dating and establishing an effective dialogue between all parts of the brewing business on the way to the development of the entire industry and related areas. Traditionally, the event is organized by the media group “Technology and Innovation” with magazine Beer. Technologies&Innovations. The permanent host of the Brewers’ Forum was the founder of the media group, the author of the idea of ​​the Forum Kateryna Koneva, as in her welcoming speech she thanked the regular participants who have been with the project since 2016 and congratulated the new partners of the event. The guests of the Forum were received by the country eco-complex “Valley of Ostriches”, located in the village Yasnogorodka, Kyiv region. The participants were also greeted by the representative of the eco-complex Andriy Dyakiv, who surprised  that he was pleased to host the event and help unite professionals in their field. Forum Topical: the present of the Ukrainian brewing industry and the implementation of European standards

Significant changes have taken place in the Ukrainian craft brewing market over the last 5-7 years. The existence of the Forum as a discussion platform, the increase in the number of quality beer in pubs, restaurants and on store shelves, the emergence of networks that sell not only mass but also craft beer, indicates a significant movement forward. Consumers want a quality product, so the mission of the craft community is to be able to help with such a product.

– Experienced brewers and beginners, manufacturers of technological equipment, scientists and the media – all these representatives are united by a key goal: the development of the industry, through the improvement of their own business. For example, I see my partners here, with whom we started cooperation at the Forum in 2014, and I am sure that there are many future partners for Pravda. By the way, we were also the hosts of one of the Forums, and we were very pleased with it, – shares the co-founder of the «Pravda Beer Theater», brewer Yuriy Zastavny.

Within the section Forum Actual participants had the opportunity to talk with members of the Board of Directors of the Association “Independent Breweries of Ukraine” Yuri Zastavny and Dmytro Nekrasov. The Association of Independent Breweries of Ukraine has recently started defending the rights of small craft breweries. The history of this movement started with the fact that micro- and nano-brewers, compared to large producers, felt a sharp injustice due to the size of the wholesale license to sell beer, as well as a significant excise tax per liter of beer. Isolated attempts to implement these initiatives have failed, so the idea arose to create an association that will lobby the interests of small producers. The founders want the Independent Breweries of Ukraine to become a platform that will help solve current problems of the industry, because there are many problematic questions – every brewer is asked questions: what varieties to cook, how to balance creativity on the one hand and make money on the other, how to sell own products, how to find sales channels, how to present own beer for the consumer, etc. During the discussion, the brewers emphasized that today there is a need to define the concept of “craft beer”, because everyone puts their understanding into this term. Is it a word that sells or a small amount of brewed beer or a special range of breweries? .. The experience of foreign countries shows that each country emphasizes its own characteristics of this concept. The members of the association agreed that each brewer is an ambassador to promote the culture of beer consumption. Today it is important to develop the Ukrainian craft revolution, to organize festivals, to pursue an educational policy, to take care of the quality of beer. Craft is innovation in all aspects As the main idea of this event, the organizers of the media group “Technology and Innovation” chose the theme “Technology: automation and digitalization”. The main goal is to free up the brewer’s time for creativity, training, personal development, while guaranteeing high-quality products in demand on the market. This year’s technology forum began with a battle between the representative of the craft brewery Serhiy Kovalenko, AltBier (Kharkiv) and Przemysl Brozh, the brewery “Riven” (Rivne). Opponents discussed the advantages and disadvantages of large factories and craft breweries, shared their experiences and discussed the concept of “craft”.

According to Serhiy Kovalenko, craft is a special recipe of a great brewer, in which the soul is invested, interesting experiments. And the transition from craft to classic is quite logical – it is, for example, pilsner, which hundreds of years ago was still craft. Any classic is born from craft! .. Przemysl Broz spoke about the shortcomings of large-scale production, including difficulties with large volumes of raw materials, production costs, and sanitation at the brewery. At the same time, he stressed the market coverage. New technological solutions and innovations that Ukrainian brewers can use today to improve the quality and taste of the product, while optimizing processes, spoke in their speeches and demonstrated on the stands of companies producing equipment, technology, raw materials, and scientists and practitioners.

The presentation of innovative products became interesting and meaningful: yeast for non-alcoholic beer, which allows to produce quality beer without additional equipment and soaking additive for the production of Blanche Bohdan Demchenko (“Malt of Ukraine”, TM Fermentis), beer and malt drinks market overview, beer stability , raised by Serhiy Kovtunenko (market expert, production manager Ale Point), Mykola Ivashchyshyn, Volyn Browar, Anton Yukhymets, Punkraft, Pavlо Kushnarenko, representative of ZIP TECH Ukraine, topics of equipment modernization and introduction of technological innovations for craft brewing, about told by Andriy Harmatiy, project-manager of Ziemann-Holvrieka, Bahrom Kalandarov, CEO of SCHULZ, Yaroslav Gevko, manager of Kraft Innovation, Viacheslav Shуsh, representative of TAPI in Eastern Europe (Italy), presentation at the brewery: from mini to modern high-tech ”, conducted by Volodymyr Pashko, Donau Lab Ukraine. One of the popular trends is the production of non-alcoholic beer. In his report, senior researcher of NAAS, brewer Konstantyn Korolyuk shared methods of non-alcoholic beer production. Throughout the conference day there was a traditional exhibition of equipment, technology, raw materials, packaging, bottling, capping and related products. Manufacturers and importers presented their products and solutions, new developments on stands and from the rostrum: GEA Ukraine, Dohler Ukraine, Donau-Lab Ukraine, MCT Company, SST, ZIP TECH Ukraine, TM Fermentis, Kraft Innovation, Ziemann-Holvrieka, SCHULZ, TAPI, Viravix, TERMO-PAK, Termo-Pub, Retal. Delicacies that will decorate any assortment of a beer shop or bar were served by food partners: “Tepli Morya”, Beersnaks, TM ECO 777, ” Rohatyy Zayets”, Cheesemania. Novelties of the IX Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs: section of aged beer and whiskey, exhibition of paintings and game for brewers

Everyone had a unique opportunity to visit the whiskey tasting, which was conducted by Andriy Petrovsky, a member of the Sommelier Association of Ukraine, vice president of the All-Ukrainian Bartenders Association, head of the tasting panel on spirits Wine & Spirits Awards – 2020. Sommelier introduced 4 concepts of whiskey of USA, Canada and Japan, and told how to taste whiskey. Also the highlight of the Forum was the presentation of paintings by Valentyna Odnolko “Let’s taste the paintings”, which worked throughout the conference day. The purpose of the exhibition, according to Oksana Ilhova (Ale Point Brewery), is to show the harmony of beer and artist’s creativity, the combination of emotion and taste, which came out as a result of cooperation between the artist and the brewer. Brewing, like painting, is also an art, the brewer himself creates beer recipes, adds malt, hops and other ingredients, resulting in an incredible combination of tastes and emotions. Imagine you can make money on beer by playing! Brewer, beer artist, CEO of Cryptobrewmaster.io Andriy Kysil presented a real find for brewers, the game Cryptobrewmaster. The main idea of the developers: Cook – learn – sell. The purpose of the game is to develop your own brewery. Players will be able to pump the character – a brewer, collect cards, create recipes, learn to brew beer, as well as trade all the assets of the game. According to Andriy, the first active participants who have earned the first cryptocurrency have already appeared. For the first time, the whole section will be devoted to today’s topical issue – spent beer and whiskey. Market experts told all about the secrets and popularity of drinks, as well as about craft distillates in Ukraine and the world. Pavlo Makogon, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Craft Distillers Association, acquainted the Forum participants with the history of the barrel, commented on its impact on the quality of beverages. Igor Dmytrenko, an experienced brewer, spoke about the methods of working with barrels in contract brewing.

Three different methods of working with barrels are used in contract brewing. The first two technologies for using barrels are that barrels are mostly a reservoir that performs microbiological processes. The latest Barrel aged technology is to brew beer in a barrel. The purpose of Barrel aged is to add new flavors to beer: chocolate, fruit, nut, caramel.

The topic “Beer aging: a barrel or alternatives?” was presented by Victoria Aleksovich, owner of WOOD-International. It was very interesting. Brand awareness and how to get cash for your awards

The theme of the conference day covered all parts of the brewing business – from the idea of brewing beer to creating your own brewery, marketing and sales. The Marketing and Trade Forum was bright. Participants actively discussed the topic “Beer winners and finalists of tasting competitions: how to get cash for their awards.” Andriy Yurago, the project manager of the «National Taster» and the «National Restaurateur», spoke about the peculiarities of building a successful marketing strategy at breweries.

Your marketing – 90% of your beer sales. Let’s be honest, today the technological processes are so well configured that anyone can weld an IPA. Today, brewing beer is not as difficult as you think. But about how to present it to the consumer and sell it, you should think carefully. First, you are completely passionate about your own business, and secondly, work on recognizing your own brand, if you do not have a website, create a Facebook page.

Oksana Ilhova (Ale Point Brewery) also shared her experience. The expert spoke about the Untappd application and how it forms the image of the brewery. In Ukraine, 300-500 active users of this social network, it is they who form the opinion about beer. That is, the assessment of the colossal work of brewers depends on the subjective opinion of the marginalized. Therefore, Oksana emphasized that all market participants should register in the application, position their products correctly, and only then will it be possible to form an objective assessment of the efforts made by brewers. Solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of tasting competition East European Beer Award 2020

At the award ceremony, organized by media group «Technologies and Innovation», 32 participating breweries received gold, silver and bronze medals. Kateryna Koneva, the founder and organizer of the East European Beer Award Tasting Contest, and Yuriy Semenov, co-organizer of the contest and head of the Kyiv Beer League, presented them with loud applause and fireworks. In her welcoming speech to the Forum participants, Kateryna Koneva emphasized the transparency, openness and honesty of the Competition. It is worth noting that 66 samples of beer and cider were in the top ten, so the organizers decided to introduce a special award – “Finalist’s Diploma”, which certifies that the selected beer or cider was included in the TOP-10 “Best Beer/Cider of Ukraine”. Representatives of 47 breweries were awarded, and although for most of them this award was unexpected, but very pleasant and motivating. The dates of the East European Beer Award – 2021 are already known: V Tasting competition will take place on March 31 –April 1, 2021. Registration for the Contest will be announced on December 1, 2020. But brewers should plan their winning beer today. Capital Beer Tour “Craft Way”: the best breweries in Ukraine, craft pubs and modern beer markets On September 10, the Forum participants went on a beer tour – “Capital Craft Way”! This year the organizers surprised with two beer routes, during which the participants got acquainted with the secrets of the brewing craft, tasted delicious beer, visited beer beer tastings. As part of the first beer route, participants visited the Varvar brewery with the brand “Lisopylka”, Punkraft pub and beer shop “El Khmel”. The capital locations of the second beer route were: Underwood Brewery, LITRA beer & whiskey market and a new pub LITRA BAR beer & music resto. Participants of beer tours note that the reception by the brewers of Kyiv and Kyiv region was very warm and extremely interesting! And share their impressions of the Forum:

The event really impressed with the high level of organization. The issues discussed at the Forum are very relevant today. Our goal is to convey to people what a quality beer really is, to acquaint them with the palette of styles and tastes. Impressions from the Beer Tour are quite pleasant, a new modern brewery, quality tasty beer, interesting marketing features. Unequivocally, we will continue to visit the forums, – sums up the engineer-technologist of the company “Umanpivo” Dmytro Danylenko. I’m here for the first time. A cool highly specialized event with interesting speakers who have something to share. A good platform to meet potential partners and new customers, – comments the representative of UBC group Roman Kuzmich. We present a new brewery and we are especially interested in this format. They were completely fed up with new and useful information, exchanged contacts and started making new connections. We plan to take part in the next Forum, – said the founder of Sumy Craft Brewery Natalia Zelenyuk. We want to improve our own brewery and increase sales, and the Forum is a meeting place for brewers and representatives of technology companies who can share their experiences and give advice. We are also interested in how to brew beer with the lowest cost of its production, a lecture on this topic was especially useful. Pleasant atmosphere, good location, experienced speakers – the Forum left good impressions, – shared the representative of Limhamns Bryggeri Natalie Oscarsson.

So plan to participate in the jubilee X Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, which will take place on April 22-23, 2021! New topics, faces, acquaintances and new beer locations are waiting for you!