The New Member of the Forum - Alfa Laval Is a Swedish Manufacturer of Beer Brewing Equipment, Adapted to the Current Challenges of the Market

03 September 2018

Due to the high competition and market diversity, the commercial success of the brewery mostly depends on the efficiency of brewing and fermentation processes, as well as equipment compliance according to the legislative norms, and the opportunity to function properly in conditions of continuously rising energy costs. The brewing processes should be enough flexibility to respond to changes in demand structure and consumer preferences. In order to take into account all these points, brewers do not need to “reinvent the bike”, because about this has been taken care by one of the world’s largest manufacturers, engaged in specialized technological brewing equipment, Alfa Laval. Thus, the Swedish company will present its equipment at VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, to be held on October 10-11, in Kharkiv, event zone “Fabrika.”

The company Alfa Laval sells its products to over 100 countries and has 42 large manufactures, located in Europe, Asia, the USA, Latin America, including 70 service centers. For over 130 years, the company has been operated on the market to gain reliable partner reputation, one of the founders of which in 1883 became Gustaf Laval – the inventor of the centrifugal separator and the first active steam turbine. Today Alfa Laval owns more than 2000 patents; annually up to 40 new products are marketed.

In the field of beer brewing, the company designs and manufactures modules, process lines, and turnkey projects, adapted to the customer’s requirements. The focus in every project is on improving the quality of beer, optimizing production, reducing costs, and impacting the environment. Equipment and solutions provide reliable and hygienic production, effective cleaning-in-place CIP of production lines in full compliance with the strictest sanitation standards.

Within of the “Technology Section”, the company representative will deliver a speech about innovative brewing equipment for breweries. These are IWS – Whirpool’s optimization system; 3-in-1 module for breeding, rehydration, and storage of yeast; Iso-Mix mini system mixing; separators; deaerator Aldox mini; a module for removing alcohol De-alcoholizer; carbonizer Carboset / blend mini; Flexitherm mini beer pasteurizer; BSF mini – sterile filtration.

It should be noted, that the motto of the Sixth Forum will be “Minimum of Advertising – the Maximum of Communication, Useful Experience, Unique Information!” October 10, the main topics of the conference day will become technological improvement of the brewing industry, staff and legal issues, the economy of own beer business, marketing and sales strategy, the development of the beer consumption culture, first of all, consumption of craft beer, and conquering new markets. And, a pleasant and emotional final of the conference day will be an awards ceremony of the winners of the International Independent Tasting Competition East European Beer Award – 2018, which is going to start on the eve of the 9th of October. Besides, a gala dinner with the presentation of the beer cuisine from the Main Organizational Partner of the forum and competition, the Altbier Restaurant Family including beer presentations from the winners of the tasting contest.

The beer tour “Craft Way” will be held on October 11 to show the participants the city of Kharkiv from the new side, in particular, breweries, beer restaurants, and specialized beer outlets are going to demonstrate the high potential of the craft beer on the beer map of the country. In parallel, an international collaborative beer brewing will be conducted, organized by our partner Altbier.

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