PROGRAM VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs

18 September 2018

VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs
“Beer and Brewery: The Success in Business  Is Guaranteed, if…”
10-11 October 2018, Kharkiv, Ukraine

08:00 –09:00
Participant registration.

Participants registration to attend the beer tour Craft Way on Thursday, 11 October 2018

The start of the exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies, and materials for craft brewing.

The stand will be operating for subscribers of the magazine “Beer. Technologies and Innovations and “Drinks. Technologies and Innovations”

Coffee break.

09:00 – 17:00
An exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies, and materials for craft brewing.

The analytical stand of the company Donau Lab Ukraine for quick express analysis of beer quality will be operating during the forum. (The analysis will be conducted confidentially.)

A mobile exposition of the Museum of Counterfeits from Ukrainian Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, within the social action “I Buy Real! I Do not Buy Fakes!” as a part of the educational campaign “Days Against Counterfeiting and Piracy in Ukraine” will be presented for participants.

11:00 – 13:00
Tables for negotiations with trading networks, beer stores,  beer distributors.

12:00 – 16:00
Food presentation from the food-partners of the Forum: meat products, cheeses, chips, and some delicacies.

Forum Opening and Welcoming Speeches from the Organizers and Partners –

•    Kateryna Koneva, Nadiya Yashchuk – founders of the informative – publishing project “Technologies and Innovations”, and organizers of the International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs;
•    Serhiy KOVALENKO, General Manager of the ALTBIER Restaurant Family. The Main Organizational Partner of the Forum.

Brewing 1, Hot Topic
Sales and Beer Marketing or the Best Beer that Is Sold!

MODERATOR: Andriy YURAGO, a professional beer narrator, the founder of the project Public Taster


* The situation on the craft market: yesterday, today, tomorrow

* Ukrainian beer: identification (made based on Ukrainian raw materials and ingredients)

* styles and beer: world trends and consumer` tastes

* Creativity in everything: in a bottle, a label, a cork

* The price formation as an element of competitive competition with mass beer

*  It`s not enough to brew the beer. We must not let the store to spoil your beer.

* Culture of beer consumption: Is there a chance for a craft beer to conquer 1 percent of the market?

For the discussion:

Dmytro NEKRASOV, FDB (Dnipro, Ukraine), one of the first Ukrainian craft brewers, an expert consultant for more than 10 successful beer projects in Ukraine. To know more about the brewer`s honor and how to brew a beer that is guaranteed to be sold.

Oksana IL`GOVA, Ale Point Brewery, beer trade network Tandem Plus (Kharkiv, Ukraine). More detailed about the experience of opening the first Ukranian regional beer trade network which led to a symbiosis with own brewery in the end.

Alexander SEDOV, Red Door Pub (Kharkiv, Ukraine), founder of the first craft pub in the city of Kharkiv, an expert  on beer quality, an active promoter of craft on the internet “It`s Enough to Brew a Good Beer!..”

Denis ZHATKIN, Keds pub (Dnipro, Ukraine), the founder of the food and beer pairing pub, which breaks stereotypes about craft, and promotes not beer, but an idea. Theme is currently being considered.

Vasyl KOZHAN, Restaurant-brewery Beer House (Poltava, Ukraine), the author of the first and only Ukrainian museum of beer and hooch.
Theme: About the secrets of the restaurant success – from design to menu.
*is currently being agreed.

Brewing 2, Legal
Competitive Benefits of Brand, or Don`t Let to Steal Your Idea.

Moderator – Veronika BEREZANSKA, Coordinator for the support of community projects of the company Pakharenko & Partners, Head of the Commission on Intellectual Property and unfair competition ICC Ukraine.

* The original design of a craft brewery is the key to a competitive advantage, an IP lawyer`s point of view.
* Imitation is the first step towards a possible violation of the intellectual property rights of successful competitors.
*10 main tips on how to promote a beer brand in a social network effectively with keeping all laws of the intellectual property.

The General Legal Partner of the Forum – IP & Law firm “Pakharenko & Partners”.

Brewing 3, Technological.
Traditions and Innovations in Brewing
or Beer Quality Are Above Everything!

MODERATOR: Kateryna SHCHERBACHENKO, deputy editor-in-chief of the project “Technologies and Innovations”, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Beer. T.I”

Modern Alfa Laval technology modules for craft breweries.
Dennis MARTIN, project manager  of Craft Modules at the AlfaLaval (Denmark).

EXPERIENCE: Daniel WASHA, chief brewer of the restaurant-brewery Schulz (Zhytomyr, Ukraine), who was born in  the Czech Republic and is an international brewing expert.
Theme: “Typical mistakes in creating a brewery: from “A” to” Z.”

13:30 – 14:30    Lunch

Brewing 3, Technological. (continued)
“TheBeer Quality Is Above Everything!”


EXPERIENCE: Yuriy ZASTAVNY, founder of the Pravda Beer Theater, who became a legendary projector in the modern beer business due to own unique concept, including high-quality beer, and aggressive marketing.
Theme: What is the beer quality starting from?
* Is currently being agreed.

EXPERIENCE: Andriy OSIKOVSKIY,  founder and co-owner of Bierwelle brewery, Buddka Bar beer pub and meat restaurant Khryak (Chernihiv, Ukraine):
Theme: Modern brewing equipment and brewer’s creativity: let`s find the consensus

Modern brewery – let`s go further. Modernization of the brewery with modern bottling lines from the leading Italian manufacturer Ferrero SRL. Oleg BASHTANAR, sale manager in Eastern Europe.

New laboratory solutions for the brewery business from Donau Lab Ukraine. Volodymyr PASHKO, Director of Donau Lab Ukraine.

EXPERIENCE. Dmytro NEKRASOV, First Dnipro Brewery (Dnipro, Ukraine), repeated winner of tasting competitions, a godfather of numerous Ukrainian brewers.
Theme: Welcome to the world of brewing, or contract brewing as a way to legalize a home brewer

Beer collections. The speeches by the founder of the meetings of collectors of beer attributes,  Igor MURAVYOV  (Kharkiv). A brief excursion into the history of beer, through the prism of beer attributes.

Brewing 4,
Hot Topics

Staff Issue: We Alone Look For Answers

MODERATOR: Yuriy Semenov, co-founder, and head of the Kiev Beer League, organizer of beer sommelier training courses, co-organizer of the tasting competition East European Beer Award

* The prestige of the brewer profession, or it`s never too late to find yourself
* Whom and how to teach: theory and practice
* The team creation, or whether the carrot – and – stick approach is working better for staff in brewing

Serhiy KOVALENKO, author of the idea of a beer show-restaurant, general manager of the family of restaurants ALTBIER (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
Theme: More details about beer with pies and other new ALTBIER projects. Presentation of an educational project for the training of brewers from ALTBIER.

Igor Ryshchenko, Director of the Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.
Theme: Cooperation in study and production – inspiration, creativity, art.

Alexander Shatalov, who created the famous character Yuro Yurovich and continues to teach brewers at his brewery “Tsipi”.
Theme: More detailed about the experience in selecting, training, and teaching the staff for breweries. The secrets of a successful manager, who in just two years was able to create a powerful network of beer pubs in Ukraine.
* Is currently being agreed.

Victor VASCHUK, co-founder of the craft brewery  PĚSTBrewery (Kyiv, Ukraine), more about the basis of beer education from his own experience, in particular, how it was, how is it now, and how it should be. Moreover, how he alone teaches people to brew beer, by doing so, he promotes the prestige of the brewer profession.

Yuriy Semenov, co-founder of the Kiev Beer League, organizer of beer sommelier training, brewing expert.
Theme: About the foreign experience in the learning of the brewers and something new in the education of beer sommelier.

18:15 – 18:30
More details about the results of the International Tasting Competition East European Beer Award-2018.

Andriy Kysil, President of the Tasting Competition East European Beer Award; Yuriy Semenov, co-founder and head of the Kiev Beer League, co-organizer of the competition.

18:35 – 18:50
Summing up the conference results.
The final speeches from the organizers: Kateryna Koneva, Nadiia Yashchuk – founders of the informative publishing project “Technologies and Innovations.”

Departure to the restaurant  AltBier 19:00

20:00 – 21:30
The award ceremony for the winners of the 2nd  Independent Tasting Competition East European Beer Award-2018.

Evening buffet with the presentation of unique author`s dishes from Chef AltBier.

The presentation of craft beer from Ukrainian companies and restaurants-brewers, including participants’ beer from the tasting competition East European Beer Award-2018.

11 October

9:00 – 18:00
А. Beer Tour Craft Way*:

The visiting to the best craft breweries, pubs and beer trading networks of the city of Kharkiv, with the presentation of equipment, production technologies, and beer sales, including tasting of dishes of beer cuisine, and branded beer.

1. Brewery “Beer Legend” (Moskovskiy Avenue, 135A). Presentation of the brewing equipment from the company “Prommontazh”

2. Own beer distribution from AltBier:
–    Bakery Hop Pie, Rymarskaya Str., 4;
–    AltBier Craft Beer Bar, Moskovskiy Avenue, 256;
–    Restaurant-Brewery  AltBier, Heroiv Pratsi Str., 14 V

3. Red Door Pub
– the first craft pub in Kharkov, belongs to Svetlana Marchenko and Alexander Sedov.

4. Restaurant-brewery WATSON
. Final party for Beer Tour participants.

* Registration and payment for participation in the Beer Tour Craft Way are carried out additional.

10:00 – 17:00
В. Collaborative brewing of beer. The venue – restaurant-brewery AltBier Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Moderators – Taras Falik, Kumpel brewery (Lviv),  Přemysl Brož , brewery “Riven” and brewery “Kant” (Rivne), Viktor Vashchuk, PĚSTBrewery brewery (Kiev), Libor Chech, AltBier brewery restaurant (Kharkiv).