Beer production technologies at all stages are the central theme of the VII Forum of brewers and restaurateurs, to be held June 18-19, Lviv

10 April 2019

June 18-19, International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs will once again bring together players at all stages of the brewing market of Ukraine and all over the world. Thus, Lviv during these two days will become the center of new technologies, solutions, and ideas for craft brewing. The future trends of the industry will be born on the territory of Fest Republic, by address Staroznesenska, 24-26, during the conference day, June 18! The most up-to-date topics in the speeches and presentations of Ukrainian and foreign experts, experienced brewers, producers of raw materials, equipment and technologies will give the participants the keys to the production of the highest quality beer according to modern standards, which is the basis of successful business! Within the beer tour Craft Way, June 19, an excursion to the new beer plant of Pravda Beer Theater will be organized, the launch of which allowed doubling production capacity of the famous beer.

The Concept of the Forum remains unchanged as the main section will be dedicated to brewing technologies and beer quality secrets. We will be talking about equipment for brewing because every year the industry generates new technologies and improves processes. We will be thinking about how to combine handicraft when the brewer puts the soul into the process, and the modern trend towards production automation. We will be looking for a balance between innovation and craft product.

Another important theme will be the main mistakes in the organization of brewing production. For experienced brewing companies, an interesting question will be on how to upgrade already an existing brewery or how to increase production. We will be also talking about sanitation and hygiene, as we know that cleanliness is the main thing in the brewery and in the brewing process.

According to the language of technology, experts will talk about the raw materials for making beer. Qualitative malt and hops are the basic ingredients for aromatic and delicious beer. And the brewer should not only be able to choose the correct varieties according to the ratios and proportions to the recipe but also to know the peculiarities and subtleties of working with them. And, we should remember that the taste of beer by 50% depends on the composition and quality of water, we will be detailed consider the theme of water preparation.

Separate speeches will be dedicated to the theme of packaging, which let you sell your product, in particular, a label, a bottle, tara, starting from the design and thematic contents of which the sales depend. Accordingly, from “a” to “z”, we will analyze the theme of beer marketing and sales. There will be minimum rhetoric only effective approaches and effective solutions, practiced by restaurateurs and representatives of beer stores. We will cover the most important stages, from the design of a restaurant or pub to the education of a loyal beer consumer.

The traditional exhibition, which during for years of its existence has helped many companies and brewers to find each other and make profitable contracts, is scheduled. Domestic and European manufacturers of machinery, technologies, raw materials, brewing equipment, marking, closure, related products will present innovations, achievements, research, unique solutions.

The participation in the VII Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs has already been confirmed by the world-famous yeast producer, the French company Fermentis, the leading Slovenian manufacturer of brewing equipment and technologies PSS SVIDNÍK, the domestic factory of packing equipment THERMO-PACK, and IP and Law firm Pakharanko and Partners.

It should be noted that 24 companies from 14 regions of Ukraine, from Belarus, Denmark, Italy, and the Czech Republic took part in the past Kharkiv Forum.

The most discussed themes were the achievement of steady beer quality, consensus between modern equipment and creativity, beer bottling, how to brew a beer that surely will be sold out, staffing issues for breweries, beer stores, and restaurants. The topic of filtration and beer separation caused a hot discussion. The extreme resonance has caused the analysis and rating of the most popular beers on the markets of Ukraine and the world.

The successful experience of VI Forum, as well as the previous ones, has shown the number of themes that are most demanded Ukrainian to brewers, restaurateurs, and other business players.  After analyzing all these, the organizers of the event, international Informative and publishing project “Technologies and Innovations ” has chosen the most relevant topics for the next, seventh, Forum, moreover,  invited experts, experienced brewers, and restaurateurs whose speeches are highly awaited.

Let’s meet n June 18-19 in Lviv!

The two-day forum will be hosted by Beer Theater Pravda, the main Organizational Partner.

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