Competition the “Queen of Beer - 2019”

16 August 2019

Today, there are also women in the brewery, but there are far fewer of them than men. Taking advantage of this great opportunity, in particular, within the VIII International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs and the next international, independent tasting competition East European Beer Award-2019, we endeavor to mark the most beautiful feminine part among representatives of the brewing business. We’d like to announce the new competition – “Queen of Beer – 2019”, dedicated to the beautiful feminine part of the industry, who are engaged in brewing and full of the best aspirations to increase the prestige of the profession as a brewer, shows the attractiveness of the brewing business, and follow-up intents to develop the author’s and creative professional brewing on a high level.

We invite women to take part at this competition, in particular, brewers of small, medium and large- scale brewery, owners of restaurants – breweries, technologists, heads of laboratories of breweries, talented bartenders, waiters, sommeliers, and all the women involved in the production or marketing of the world’s oldest hop drink.

The “Queen of Beer – 2019” will be someone who is passionate about the beer business. The main selection criteria are professionalism, success, creativity, the ability and desire to share experiences and promote a beer consumption culture.

For participating in the competition you need: two photos, in particular, portrait and one related to professional activity and brief autobiography with the presentation of yourself as a professional in the beer business.

You can recommend for the competition “Queen of Beer – 2019” as yourself, or your colleague, or the director of the restaurant where you buy beer, as well as the brewer whose beer you love, etc.

The competition will take place in three stages:

From 20 August to 10 September 2019 – application acceptance and posting on Facebook photos and profiles/presentation of participants.
From 11 September to 3 October2019 – voting by comments, and among the participants, we will choose 10 finalists who receive the most amount of comments.
10 October, at 08:00 – the third stage of voting.
Before the start of the YIII Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, 2-minute video presentations of the finalists of competition “Queen of Beer – 2019” will be presented. Each forum participant will receive three beer votes, to be able to support as one of the finalists during the forum day or share their votes between three different contenders.
10 October, 18.00pm – voting is over, and counting of the results.
10 October, 20.00pm – announcement of the results of the competition, and the award ceremony of the “Queen of Beer – 2019”

The contestant who will receive the most likes will be the “Queen of Beer 2019“ and will receive a magnificent crown worthy of a true queen, with publication the photo on the front page of the magazine “BEER. Technologies and Innovations“including a detailed article, also have an opportunity to keep own column in magazine “Queen of Beer – 2019”, and some nice gifts from the partners of the Forum.

In addition to the Queen, the first and second Vice-Misses will be chosen, be honored with gifts from partners.

Register to the forum is possible through the electronic form HERE.

Participant registration:
Anna Malashkevich: +38 097 89 18 200,