Craft Next Level: new production and distribution opportunities, quality and efficiency standards are impressive

24 September 2020

Craft Next Level
Today, technology industry and the market are evolving so fast that new challenges arise every six months. The IX Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs is designed to become a platform for their discussion, search and presentation of solutions. The problems and needs of brewers find a response in technology companies and turn into the presentation of new approaches.

The central topic of the IX Forum was the automation of technological and organizational processes, saving money, time, energy and raw materials. The topic of finding new products and flavors is also relevant. The issue of product quality has not remained in the shadows, but today it is considered in an expanded format – not only the quality of brewed beer, but also delivered to the final consumer. This requires a symbiosis between brewers, restaurateurs and store representatives, said Valentyna MIKUSEVYCH, an expert on beer quality, who moderated the “Technology Section” of the Forum:

– There is still a lot of controversy among brewers about the very concept of “craft beer”. In fact, it does not matter where to cook it – at high or low power, the main thing is that it was tasty and high quality.

And it is important to think about the fact that this product must be stored in quality stores, so that it reaches the consumer fresh. An unqualified approach to sales can nullify all efforts.

We have to work together that to create the right conditions and provide a quality product at all stages of the “brewery-consumer” chain. In addition, small and large breweries have to come to the conclusion that beer is brewed by specialists. And of course, the equipment must be such that you can master and maintain quality, which will ensure the quality of products.

Equipment, that provides more features

During the conference day there was a traditional exhibition of equipment, raw materials, related products, packaging, bottling and capping technologies. Manufacturers and importers presented their products, new developments on the stands and from the rostrum. Reliable solutions for the brewing and other beverages industry were presented by Ziemann-Holvrieka, which has long established itself in the European market as a reliable partner. The company’s representative Andriy HARMATIY presented the possibilities of the company’s brewing equipment and emphasized that last year a company specializing in technologies for craft breweries was added to Ziemann-Holvrieka’s portfolio.

A young domestic producer, Termo-Pub, also presented its developments in the craft brewing sector. The company has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2017 and already supplies cooking equipment to various regions of the country and abroad.

Fresh beer becomes closer to the consumer

SCHULZ is also working on qualitative changes in the supply of beer to the final consumer. The manufacturer of the equipment brought to the exhibition a prototype of a new development in real scale – a bar set. The device has a facet, which can be made in mobile or stationary versions, as a package for storing all the properties of factory beer, and can be designed for imported beer, in which case it is equipped with a washing head.

Another domestic manufacturer of equipment “CRAFT INNOVATION” presented his experience and provided advice on the features of the arrangement and efficient use of refrigeration rooms in the brewery. The company’s manager Yaroslav GEVKO spoke in detail about all the nuances of equipping the technical room: insulation, humidity, sewerage, control system, etc., as well as the possibility of upgrading existing equipment.

The Thermo-Pak packaging equipment plant offered brewers individual and comprehensive solutions for bottling beer and other beverages, including labeling and packaging equipment.

IX Forum became a concentration of innovations. MCT presented its development for the first time: a device for 6 taps for bottling in glass or PET bottles. Isobaric filling machines allow the brewer to work all year round, regardless of the season.

Reliable solutions in the field of PET packaging for beer were presented by RETAL, known in the European market for over 20 years. The holding develops the PET industry in 10 countries at 17 production sites, including in Ukraine, Dnipro. Unique, time-tested beer packaging solutions and service support will soon be appreciated by the winners of one of the East European Beer Award 2020 nominations. DID Brewery received a certificate from RETAL for the production of 1,000 bottles and lids for beer.

Representatives of MagNum-beer organized a real attraction for beer and bar connoisseurs at their stand. They presented a variety of gadgets for a more convenient, high-quality and spectacular beer filling. These are birgans – bar pistols for bottling various beverages, mixing lemonades in a glass, saturator – a device for aerating water, a device for freezing glasses before serving, a system of automatic beer bottling through the bottom of the glass, growers – containers for takeaway beer, which are supported gas pressure to maintain carbonization.

Automation – a quality tool for implementing the ideas of brewers

The sooner brewers move away from manual processes, the sooner they will get what they want – product quality and stability. This opinion was expressed by Mykola IVASHCHYSHYN, the founder of the Volynski Browar brewery. Pavlo KUSHNARENKO, a representative of ZIP Tech, a well-known Hungarian brewing equipment manufacturer, supported his vision in his speech.

IT is firmly entrenched in the brewing industry, and this symbiosis is developing rapidly. SPARK LUX has presented new technologies for regulating the brewing process and full automation of production – from brewing to bottling. All programs are written by specialists of the enterprise exclusively under the specification of the customer.

Web applications that allow brewers to visualize and monitor all data online were presented by Viravix Ukraine. Today, small breweries can also get the functionality and efficiency of accounting for the level of giant factories with the help of these applications.

Modern quality standards require control

For the first time in the history of the Forum, an auction was held. The permanent partner of the event – the company “Donau Lab Ukraine” – put up for auction the possibility of using expensive laboratory equipment for a month. This is a set for a complete physico-chemical analysis of beer, with which you can analyze the beer both in line and packaged in PET, glass bottle or jar product.

Khimlaborreaktiv presented turnkey laboratory facilities according to all standards for food production. The HACCP standard is now implemented in all industries, if previously the quality of the product was controlled, now it is necessary to control the purity and microbiology of the enterprise itself.

Additional opportunities: production of cider and whiskey

In parallel with the flourishing of the craft beer market, cider is gaining popularity in Ukraine. Often beer restaurants add craft ciders to their range, and in some places they already organize collaborations with producers. The level of consumer awareness is also growing, says the founder of the Rohatyy Zaets Hryhoriy ODYCHUK.


The entire technological line of equipment for cider production, engineering and commissioning of both the entire cider complex and individual units of the technological process was presented by GEA Ukraine.

Another interesting area is the production of spirits. Viacheslav Shysh, a representative of Tapi, spoke about it. Along with the presentation of standard beer towel plugs, well known to Ukrainian brewers, the company presented the Mekano towel stopper for beer-based distillates.

Taste diversity is a constant trend

Non-alcoholic beer is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and craft brewers. Previously, the prerogative of its manufacture has always been for large factories, especially those that have dealcoholization plants. Today, experts and manufacturers offer the latest solutions for the production of soft beer without expensive and cumbersome installations.

In particular, yeast for non-alcoholic beer LA-01-Bacteria LP-652-Spring Blanche was presented by Bohdan DEMCHENKO, a representative of Fermentis. These are absolutely innovative products of the well-known French manufacturer.

Auxiliary products for brewing – a very relevant topic for brewers. Specialists have a lot of questions about beer fermentation, protein instability of craft, says Victoria KUMPYTSKA, a technologist at A-Profi.

Alternative products for aging any type of alcohol, including beer, wine, cognac, brandy, whiskey, distillate, presented TM JMJ. One of the interesting areas for brewing is natural wood chips. It is simpler and cheaper than aging in barrels, but has a similar result. Chips are added at the stages of fermentation, aging, for sour or strong beers – many options, each brewer chooses an exclusive recipe.

Dohler Ukraine offered to diversify the taste of beer with natural ingredients, based on global trends in the beer and beverage market. Four major trends speak of continuous development and environmental friendliness, health benefits, individualization, diversity – as a cross-section of beverage categories.

You can read more about new technology solutions and capabilities for production and distribution, quality and efficiency standards in the next issue of magazine Beer.Technologies&Innovations!

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