A printed version of the BEER.INSIDE catalog is ready to order. Beer Map of Ukraine.

  • The Beer Map of Ukraine includes the popularization of craft beer, as this market has steady growth for the last several years, alongside education of beer-drinking culture and promotion of this high-quality author’s product for as large an audience as possible. The English version catalog helps in spreading information about Ukrainian brewing in the foreign area. The focus of the BEER.INSIDE catalog – only on a quality product. Another no less important aspect of the Beer Map of Ukraine is the presentation of technological achievements of the brewing industry, as the level of equipment of the brewery and the perfect implementation of technology standards largely depend on product quality. In addition, another important aspect of the catalog became the presentation of beer delicacies from the Ukrainian food industry. As a well-known fact that each drink has its “Pair.” And the new edition will help consumers understand the ins and outs of food pairing. And for fans of “Beer Tours” a curious part of the project will be the presentation of beer tours to the breweries to guideline tourists with the culture of traditional beer production of the different parts of Ukraine. Everyone will get a chance to take such beer tours and taste beer at tastings and buy drinks from the manufacturer.
  • Geography of spreading: all regions of Ukraine. BEER.INSIDE will be actively promoted at beer festivals, specialized conferences, exhibitions, brewers’ forums. The organizers also schedule to hold catalog presentations in major cities of Ukraine, with the participation of representatives of breweries and local media. Subscribers of the journal Beer Technologies & Innovations get a nice bonus: everyone will receive a copy of the issue. The Media group Technologies & Innovations guarantees significant informative support by owning three sites and five printed journals, and active social networks. Moreover, our information partners will provide the maximum spreading information among restaurants, pubs, trade networks, etc.
  • There are also electronic English and Ukrainian versions of the catalog at the site. The highlight of the catalog BEER. INSIDE became its Beer Map on Google Maps, with location information about breweries, beer restaurants, pubs, beer shops, or point beer chains. From now and after, during traveling by our country, you can easily find any good beer location just open the Google Map and choose the city you wish to visit and downright click on the mark brewery or pub to read brief information about each of them. And, by following the link to the site – get a detailed description of the necessary brewery or beer restaurant, with the main positions of the beer range.

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