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Beer. Technologies&Innovations journal is one of the major projects of the Ukrainain media group Technologies and Innovations. The print magazine is published 2-4 times per year from 2016, and it is also send to subscribers in pdf-files.

Initially, due to its concept, the project was focused only on modern technologies, on the introduction of innovations in the brewing business. After all, modern beer requires special quality characteristics and special approaches that can be provided at the level of a professional, not an amateur. In addition, since 2016, another large-scale project of the media group Technologies and Innovations has been developing, namely Breweries and Restaurateurs’ Forums, whose main task is also improve modern brewing, innovate and improve the quality of the product. And since 2017, Beer.Technologies&Innovations journal has become the Main Information Partner of the East European Beer Award Tasting Contest, which is organized by the media group Technologies and Innovations in cooperation with the Kyiv Beer League are aimed  in developing  Ukrainian brewing.

We are proud to say that in Ukraine, following the European countries, real craft revolution takes place in recent years. Beer restaurants, breweries, pubs are being opened in large and small settlements, and retail chains with craft beer are being expanded, as well as new and new breweries are being built. Ukraine is well-known on the craft map of the world. The audience of beer drinkers and beer fans grows. The world outlook of consumers, who are discovering a fundamentally new beverage made on modern equipment from high quality, raw materials, is gradually changing.

The organic component of this grandiose movement are the projects of the media group Technologies and Innovations. Thanks to the systematic and coordinated work of the team, Beer Technologies journal, the Brewers Forum and this site, have become quite effective information venues – not only for professionals, but also for anyone interested in beer and brewing.

Beer Technologies is constantly evolving, and today the main theme is not only Technologies, but Beer – in all its diversity, Beer as the oldest product in the world, quality beer, which continues to improve and delight millions of its fans. The main task of project is to inform readers about the best achievements of Ukrainian breweries, the best experience of craft brewers, the best marketing findings – and more – stories about the masters of their craft and their winning beer, about the culture of beer consumption. And, of course, we will stand up to the quality of our products, to which we will attract technology experts from all over the world. We aim to promote your products, dear brewers, by every means possible, to increase the number of beer fanatics, enthusiasts and just lovers. At the same time, we, of course, insist on conscious and moderate consumption of beer.

Join the Beer Technologies Readers Club, participate in the Brewers and Restaurateurs Forums, brew your own special beer and join the East European Beer Award Tasting Contest!

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