The Tasting Competition East European Beer Award - 2019 Will Be Held on October 8-9, in Rivne, Ukraine

22 February 2019

We are glad to announce the start of preparations for the next East European Beer Award! For the third time, within the forum of brewers and restaurateurs, the publishing – informative project “Technologies and Innovations” in cooperation with the Kiev Beer League will carry out the only independent and open, professional tasting competition East European Beer Award 2019 on October 8-9, in the city of Rivne. It is expected for more participants from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and other countries of Eastern Europe, including more beer samples.  It should be noted that the number of beer categories will increase as well! But, we let you know about this a little bit later.

The hotel-restaurant complex Aivengo being as the main Organizational Partner will host this competition. It should be noted that neither the organizers nor the hotel-restaurant complex are not engaged in brewing beer and remain independent who are interested in the honest winning. It guarantees the objectivity and impartiality of the competition.

The organizers of the East European Beer Award support absolutely independence and keep the impeccable reputation of the competition. Thus, all participants have equal chances to win! Beer judges have no chance to hand- out because their work is controlled by an independent observer-auditor. The audit of the competition East European Beer Award 2019 will be conducted by the IP and Law firm Pakharenko & Partners!

The founders of the East European Beer Award are responsible for the organization and conducting a PR campaign with the involvement of its informative platforms and media partners. Having regard to the fact that publishing project has so powerful informative resources, including the only independent professional magazine in Ukraine Beer Technologies and Innovations, and the popular site, also informative portal, which has been operating for 10 years,  the thematically page on  Facebook Beer. Technologies and Innovations and groups CRAFT BEER FORUM and Drinks. Technologies and Innovations, as well as special projects in Instagram and Telegram, and e-newspapers Beer. Technologies and Innovations. Thus, all these resources let organizers be confident in the effectiveness of their actions. Furthermore, the number of participants who take part in our forums and conferences is constantly growing that showing their interests to us.

The main functions of the project Technologies and Innovations are to invite participants and beer judges to the beer competition and provide the procedure of its holding, as well as organize awards ceremony, and, most importantly, provide marketing support for the brewery-winners and all those who get into the top ten, by other words to help them be recognizable.

Thus, the most important tasks of our forum are the promotion of high-end craft beers and contribute to successfully implementing new technologies, including marketing support for breweries and other beer-related places.  Within this forum, the tasting competition Eastern European Beer Award was founded and successfully implemented.

And one more thing, the founders of the East European Beer Award competition, magazine Beer. Technologies and Innovations are not going to participate in beer tasting.

We have great news! In addition to popular recognition and awards, the winners in each of the categories will receive as a gift a trip to Milan to the International Trade Fair SIMEI, where brewing technologies will be widely presented this year. Since 19-22 November, Trade Fair SIMEI-2019 will open a special platform for winemaking, liquid foods, craft, and other beers, which are increasingly sharing processes, production methods, technologies. Partner of the East European Beer Award-2019 – SIMEI will provide flight and accommodation for the gold medalists of the contest!

The exclusive partner of the competition will be the company SAHM, which provides us with tasting glasses.

It should be noted that last year’s East European Beer Award 2018 brought together 54 breweries with 265 beer samples and 72 beer judges in Kharkiv. If you wish to get more details about beer contest including the results and comments, you can find at the site and in the magazine BEET. Technologies and Innovations.

The regulation of East European Beer Award and category list according to beer styles have been made according to the model of the great Czech beer competition Zlatá pivní pečeť. Additionally, the regulation of East European Beer Award and category list was developed by Kiev Beer League, remaining as an independent structure and responsible for conducting the beer competition openly and honestly.

The terms of participation in the competition and the registration forms will be announced at the sites,, in the Facebook group and in the magazine “Beer T.I.”. The number of beer samples from one manufacturer (brand) is not limited.

In order to keep the main principles of the competition, in particular, independence, objectivity and openness, the tasting of beer samples are carried out blindly. Moreover, the selection of beer judges will be in a democratic way. These are representatives of companies participating in the competition and independent beer judges. The decision about including into beer judge panel is taken by the organizers, moreover taking into account provided information such as tasting and brewing experience, availability of special certificates issued by Kiev Beer Academy, London Beer Academy, Prague Beer Academy, etc. The organizers have the right to invite experts in brewing from abroad.

According to the results of the Tasting competition, the best samples in each category (gold, silver and bronze medals) will be determined, as well as the best beer from the number submitted samples for the Grand Prix competition. In no case, the number of awards will not be increased by the organizers, because this approach guarantees an objective assessment for the participating companies, and let companies move further improving the product quality and production technology.

The discussion of the results and announcement of the winners of the beer competition including awarding ceremony will take place on October 10, 2019, within the VII International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs. Register to the forum is possible through the electronic form HERE.

It should be noted that at the summer Forum of brewers and restaurateurs to be held on June 18-19 in Lviv, an open public beer tasting will take place from the winners and finalists of the East European Beer Award 2018. So, dear brewers, we invite you to brew and introduce your best beer for open public beer tasting including the all necessary information and descriptions of each beer sample for better recognition. To get acquainted with the leaders in each of categories and the first dozens of finalists you may here

Main Organizational Partner – hotel – restaurant complex “Aivengo”

Main Exhibition Partner – company SIMEI

An Exclusive Partner – company SAHM

General Informative Partner – magazine “Beer. Technologies and Innovations”