East European Beer Award - 2018: brewers and technologists of beer production are invited to take part in the International open tasting beer competition, Ukraine

24 July 2018

October 9 in Kharkov will bring together brewers from all over Ukraine and  other countries in the East Europen Beer Award. Accepts the contest in 2018 restaurant-brewery AltBier. The organizers are the project “Beer. Technology and Innovation” and Kiev Beer League. All practitioners brewers are invited to participate – from regional and large commercial enterprises to craft breweries, restaurants-breweries and home brewers! This year is expected much more participants and twice as many samples of beer, compared to EEBA – 2017, where 34 breweries with 136 samples of craft beer participated.

Regulations for the competition and a list of categories for beer styles was developed similar to the leading European competitions. The best samples of beer will be determined by independent judges in 13 nominations: Lager light, Special light lager, Dark lager, IPA / double, Pale ale, Porter / Stout, Porter / Stout special, Witbier / Weizenbier, Whitby / Weizen, Flavor beer (herbal / ginger / root / grut), Belgium style ale, Belgium strong ale, Red / amber / semi dark, Special beer.

To participate in the contest it is necessary to submit a preliminary application by October 7  through the form https://goo.gl/YqG69f. Then get from the organizers, fill out and send the application for each sample separately. Pay the registration fee 450 UAH (without VAT) for each sample of beer and provide at least 6 liters of each declared in plastic, glass containers or in tin cans, no later than 48 hours before the start of the tasting contest (until October 8, 2018). The number of samples from one manufacturer (brand) is not limited.

To observe the main principles of the competition – independence, objectivity and openness, tasting samples is blindly, selection of beer judges will be democratic, for different stages of tasting will form different teams. The panel of judges is formed from professionals and enthusiasts of the beer industry. These are representatives of companies participating in the competition and independent beer judges. The minimum number of beer judges is 40 people.

Each contestant can submit an application to the jury for one of his beer judges (tasters). An application for registration as an independent beer judge can be sent before October 7 through the form goo.gl/2zd43d. The decision to include beers in the judges is made by the organizers on the basis of the provided data (tasting and brewing experience, availability of certificates and certificates issued by Kiev Beer Academy, London Beer Academy, Prague Beer Academy, etc.). The organizers reserve the right to invite brewing experts from abroad.

According to the results of the tasting contest, the best samples in each category (gold, silver and bronze medals) will be determined, as well as the best beer from among those submitted for the competition (Grand Prix). Special prize and diploma “Brewery of the Year 2018” will also receive a brewery (brand) for the largest number of awards in categories.

Announcement of the results of the competition and presentation of awards will be held on October 10, 2018 during the VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs at the restaurant AltBier, Kharkov.

By the way, first East European Beer Award 2017 was successfully held in Rovno on October 18. With 136 samples of beer, 34 breweries from all over Ukraine and one from the Czech Republic took part in it. The jury consisted of 45 beer experts from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Russia. The competition was held in 11 nominations.

To get acquainted with the details and Regulations of the competition, please click here: http://beertechdrinks.com.

We wish you success!