The International Tasting Competition East European Beer Award 2018 Will Be Held on 9 October in Kharkiv: The Brewers Are Already Starting to Brew Their Best Beer!

14 February 2018

Best beer
The international independent tasting competition East European Beer Award sets the standard of quality and allows objectively judging the place that every brewery now occupies on the market. Thus, the organizers are publishing project “Technologies and Innovations” in collaboration with Kiev Beer League. Every autumn on the eve of the International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, the authoritative and experienced tasters will determine the best beer varieties according to different styles. The next International Independent Tasting Beer Competition East European Beer Award – 2018 will be held on 9 October in Kharkiv. Moreover, the owners of the gold and bronze medals of the previous competition, AltBier restaurant family will be hosting the next tasting competition. The potential contest audience covers not only Ukraine but also the neighboring countries including the whole Eastern Europe. We invite to participate all professional brewers from regional and large commercial enterprises to small craft breweries! Because the main idea of the East European Beer Award remains unchanged, these are to promote the development of brewing and improve beer quality.

East European Beer Award was the first truly independent and objective tasting competition in Ukraine, conducted according to European rules and standards. The first tasting contest was held on 14 September, 2016 in Lviv as part of the 3rd Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs. Thus, brewers have presented for tasters 45 beer samples in three categories. The jury consisted of brewers, representatives of retail and restaurant chains, journalists and representatives of technology companies. Where among others the main experts: Dmitriy Nekrasov (First Dnipro Brewery), Taras Falik (Kumpel Group), Cory McGuinness (Beer Theater Pravda), representatives of companies Concept Glass, Donau Lab, the founder of the project “Technologies and Innovations” and the founder of the competition Kateryna Koneva, expert-taster of international class Valentina Popova. The winners were the brewery “Kant” (Rivne), “Solomenskaya brewery”(Kyiv), and KHRYAK beer and meat house(Chernigov).

In recent years, the beer range has grown significantly due to craft brewing. It became obvious that we cannot divide beer only into a light, semi-dark and dark, and the world standard BJCP should replace the Soviet GOSTs. Therefore, for East European Beer Award 2017, a new regulation and a list of categories for beer styles were developed with the support of Kiev Beer League.

East European Beer Award 2017 was held on 18 October in the city of Rovno. It was attended by 34 breweries from different cities, including one from the Czech Republic, and altogether presented 136 beer samples. The jury consisted of 45 beer experts from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Russia. Competition has covered 11 categories: Pale Lager, Witbier / Weizenbeer, Belgium style ale, Pale Ale, Red / Amber / Semi-Dark, Dark Lager, Special Beer, Flavor beer, IPA / Double IPA, Porter / Stout.

Gold, silver, and bronze in each of the nominations, in total 33 medals, were granted. Grand Prix of East European Beer Award has got restaurant-brewery “Kumpel” (Lviv) won 3 gold, one silver and bronze medal. Moreover, among the leaders of nominations: brewery Pivovar Kunratice s.r.o (Prague, Czech Republic), brewery “Izmailskaya brewery “(Izmail), restaurant-brewery” Kant “(Rivne), brewery “Volinskiy Brovar” (Berezno), brewery First Dnipro Brewery, brewery “Dudlyar” (Kropiwnickiy), brewery “Krapka Koma” (Kyiv), brewery “Midna Bochka”,  (Bakhmut), restaurant-brewery “Solom’yanska Brovarnya” (Kyiv), “Kiliy brewery” (Kiliya), AltBier restaurant family (Kharkiv), Irish pub-brewery To Dublin (Kyiv), “Odessa private brewery “, Underwood Brewery (Kyiv).

East European Beer Award 2018 will be held on 9 October, in Kharkov, within the VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, and will be large – scale! Kharkiv restaurant family AltBier will be hosting the next tasting competition. It should be noted this is the only one a show-restaurant in Ukraine. Thereby, especially for participants of the VI International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs and Winners of the Tasting Competition will be held a musical show. The award-winning ceremony will take place in the special festive atmosphere!

The city of Kharkiv hasn’t been chosen by random as a venue for the next competition because today the city pretends to be the beer capital of Ukraine. More than 20 breweries and small breweries operate here, in particular, 11 of which as restaurants-breweries, as well as numerous original pubs, developed beer retail and actively develops a culture of beer consumption.

According to the Kiev Beer League, the number of beer samples is expected to more than double, compared with the last year. At the same time, more nominations -13. The number of the tasters will also increase, although the principles of their selection remain the same, professionalism and love to beer as a product of the creativity of the brewer. That is why the organizers of the project “Technologies and Innovations “assume holding a competition within two working days. More details will be announced later.

The main competition principles will remain unchanged: independence, objectivity, and openness, in particular, tasting of samples blindly; democratic selection of beer judges; a large number of judges for objective evaluation; formation of different judges’ teams at different stages in the tasting. Tasters will follow clear criteria: firstly, determine the accordance of beer sample to the declared style, secondly, the place of the given variety among analogs.

Company SAHM still remains the unchanged partner of the competition, which providing glassware for tasting and memorable beer glasses for awarding the winners.

The Brewers are already beginning actively to prepare for the competition. You must hurry up, don’t miss your chance! Let’s meet on 9 October in Kharkov, in the restaurant-brewery AltBier, located at Sumskoy market at the International Independent Tasting Competition East Beer European Beer Award 2018! Keep an eye on the news at the site, and on Facebook

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