We Are Glad to Announce That Registration Is Open For the IV East European Beer Award 2020: This Competition Will Include 20 Categories!

06 December 2019

Actual Topic
IV Tasting Beer Competition will be held on 11-12 March 2020, in the Rivne hotel-restaurant complex “Aivengo.” The competition registration is open. Participants must register by February 28, 2020. It’s expected that the 4th beer competition will be large-scaled not only by the number of participants and beer samples but also by beer categories, including the addition of 6 new categories. Thus, in March 2020, we will choose the best beer and cider in 20 categories. There are some changes in organizational issues, in particular, training of judges, conducting beer tastings, award ceremony, for giving participants more convenience and for the relevance of the results. The basic principles of competition – transparency, independence, and objectivity – remain unchanged! The organizers are the media group “Technologies and Innovations” together with the Ukrainian Association of Beer Sommeliers Kyiv Beer League.

The results of three previous competitions show that the East European Beer Award is not just a beer competition. The beer contest is expanding the horizons of consumption and production, moving forward not only the beer industry but increase the culture of consumption overall including the level of taste development of consumers.

We highly recommend you take note of which varieties of beer or cider you’ll like to introduce at the next competition. If East European Beer Award 2019 was represented in 15 categories, this year, it will be presented in 20 categories. Please, Make a note of: Pale Lager, Pale Lager Special, India Pale Lager, Dark Lager, IPA, Double IPA , Pale ale, Porter/Stout, Porter/Stout Special, Sweet Stout, Weizenbier, Witbier, Flavor Beer (Herbal/Ginger/Root/Gruit), Belgian Style Ale, Belgian Strong Ale, Red/Amber/Semi dark, Sour/Wild, Special Beer, Sweet Cider, Dry Cider.

The decision to expand this category list was taken during a detailed analysis of the previous contest and the participants’ feedback. Thus, we added such categories: India Pale Lager, Sweet Stout, Witbier, Weizenbier, Sweet Cider, Dry Cider. For more detailed information with the whole description of each category please follow the link below http://en.uabeerawards.com/categories-2020/

The main conditions for participation in this competition are quality and unique beer. The organizers do not discriminate brewers by production capacities and the level of their equipment; moreover, they do not divide producers on small, medium and large.We invite to participation foreign breweries and from Ukraine contract breweries, homebrewers, and importers.

You brew beer that pleases people – we invite you to take part in the competition!

Registration of beer samples has started from December 9, 2019, to February 28: http://en.uabeerawards.com/submit-beer/

The tasting will be held March 11-12, in the Rivne hotel-restaurant complex “Aivengo” with having constant registration. Previous moderation will be introduced to thoroughly identify beer according to category. The organizers will issue guidelines for a deeper understanding of the tasting principles, with a description of the categories, to eliminate errors in the tasting process, and to improve the evaluation quality. Besides, everyone will have the opportunity to master their skills during a professional tasting or at a special seminar from Kyiv Beer Academy. Thus, the tasting rules that are at the heart of the competition evaluation principles will be thoroughly practiced. The dates will be announced later. If we are improving himself, the East European Beer Award 2020 requires improving the level of beer judges as well.

An independent observer at the East European Beer Award 2020 is IP and Law firm Pakharenko & Partners, which will be monitoring the transparency of the competition.

We are pleased to invite to the judging panel: breweries, technologists, brewery owners, representatives of retailers, bars, tasters, distributors, beer enthusiasts! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1wupQ68QHXm-_pQ_6fZTPLVYMtTruBJ9f1kcwJ43HW7rg6A/viewform

The second day of tastings will be closed on March 12 at the friendly dinner for participants and beer judges by discussing the competition, samples, and trends. The East European Beer Award is not only a competition but also the only platform in the country for live analytics and exchange of different points of view.

The award ceremony of the 4th East European Beer Award will take place a month later, at the IX Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs to be held on April 8, 2020, in Kyiv. The hotel Trypillian Sun will host the award ceremony. The organizers will be ready to present new samples of the awards, with the indication of the name of the brewery, the category and the name of the winning beer. This award will be more valuable being a true achievement in the medal collection of every brewery for the long years, and becoming an effective tool for increasing product sales!

For more detailed information about the categories, the competition innovations and their validity, the relevance of the evaluation, the motivation for the participation of brewers and beer judges, the opportunities offered by the competition, you can read in the interview of the co-organizers of East European Beer Award, Kateryna Koneva   (media group Technologies and Innovations) and Yuriy Semenov (Kyiv Beer League.)

The main information partner of the competition is the only Ukrainian professional magazine BEER Technologies – the magazine subscription 2020 is still ongoing.

The Tasting Competition East European Beer Award 2020 is supported by the Brewing Institute of the Czech Republic and the National University of Food Technologies of Ukraine.

We invite technology companies – equipment manufacturers, producers of yeast, malt, hops, etc. – to become official sponsors of the competition!

You can keep an eye on announcements of competition at the site http://beertechdrinks.com/ and on https://www.facebook.com/events/567611784042257/ With the Regulations and all the organizational points; you can get acquainted at the site http://www.uabeerawards.com/