Winners of the East European Beer Award 2018 Have Become Known!

26 October 2018

Beer Award
The second two-day All-Ukrainian tasting beer competition East European Beer Award 2018 has become more large-scale and brought together in Kharkov 54 participating breweries, 265 beer samples, and 72 beer judges from all over Ukraine, as well as the Czech Republic, Italy. We have already summed up the results, and we are ready to announce winners.

East European Beer Award 2018 was held on October 9-10, in Kharkov. The hospitable and upscale restaurant-brewery AltBier gladly hosted this beer competition. It should be noted the main competition principles: independence and objectivity. Moreover, the organizers International Informative Project “Technologies and Innovations “and Kiev Beer League are not directly related to beer production.

The panel of judges included all interested brewers, experts, sommeliers, representatives’ retailers, as well as one representative from each brewery that submitted its samples for the competition. Moreover, the tasting has been conducted blindly. It means that none of the beer judges know which producer’s beer he tasting. The known information for taster was only the declared beer variety and style, to which the beer samples should correspond. Tasters often noted that they could not recognize their beer among a lot of presented samples.

Two days of tasting, hopes, disputes, opinions, calculations left a lot of impressions for each participant of the competition; these are a taster, brewer, and organizer. The final often turn out pretty unexpected. For example, according to blind testing, the gold in nomination Dark Lager has got Lvivske Dunkel from Carlsberg Ukraine. Such unexpected ultimate result was commented by one of the beer judges, the famous brewer Dmitry Nekrasov as follows:

– Tolerance, professional ethics, and acceptance of criticism are the conclusions worth to make brewer’s, with regards to this situation. In whole, if talks about the competition, the quality of beer has become much better, more varieties, and more diverse tastes if compare with the previous one.

To the top ten, in each of the 13 nominations entered as successful, long proven yourself in the market breweries as well as newcomers. Homebrewers haven’t remained in the shadow of the breweries. Thus, the beer “Melone” from the home brewery Solodok, belonging to Ivan Zaritsky has taken the gold in the category “Flavor Beer.”

In each of the 13 nominations, three winners were determined, in particular, gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as top 10 leaders. According to many participants of the competition, to find yourself among the top ten is a decent result as you have to compete with nearly three hundred beer samples, from 54 breweries including several dozen samples in one nomination.

RESULTS East European Beer Award 2018 According to the Nominations:

 Pale Lager

  1. Kelshin, Midna Bochka
  2. Bila, Tsipa
  3. Stare Boty, Midna Bochka
  4. Czech Pils Extra, Kant
  5. Ahelles, Fanatik
  6. Munich Helles, Yarmarkova brovarnya
  7. Fest lager, Izmailska brovarnya
  8. Lager, PAPA BEER
  9. Czech Pilsner, AltBier GT
  10. Pilsner, Chumakov


Pale Lager Special

  1. Žatecký ležák, AltBier GT
  2. Berhshloss, Riven
  3. Opillya Firmove, Opillya
  4. Summer Lager, Yarmarkova brovarnya
  5. Bohemia, Tandem -Plus
  6. African Hoppy Lager, Bierwelle
  7. Pirat Hoppy Lager, Gold Fish


Dark Lager

  1. Lvivske dunkel, Carlsberg Ukraine
  2. Fest Karamel’ne temne, Izmailska brovarnya
  3. Nashe temne, Kovcheg brewery
  4. Dykanski vechory, Poltavpivo
  5. Chorna Hora, Tsipa
  6. Premia unfiltered, Shale de biere
  7. Berhshloss Dark, Riven
  8. Kabinetnoe chernoe, AltBier GT


IPA/double IPA

  1. Ten Men IPA, Mad Brew
  2. 100, Tsipa
  3. IPA Ruby Tropicana, Solodok
  4. Double Trouble Double IPA, Didko
  5. Funk, First Dnipro Brewery
  6. HOPKINS, First Dnipro Brewery
  7. Indian Pale Ale, Kumpel
  8. American Pale Ale Citra, Sdbrewery
  9. 220, Tsipa


Pale Ale

  1. Mozaika, Kumpel
  2. Just APA, IIIO brewery
  3. L.APA, First Dnipro Brewery
  4. Hoptoad APA, Mad Brew
  5. This is APA, baby, AltBier SR
  6. Pale Ale, Dudlyar
  7. APA Mosaic, Bandit Brewery


Porter| Stout

  1. DUBLIN, Red Cat
  2. MR.STOUT, First Dnipro Brewery
  3. Espresso Stout, KANT
  4. Porter, Father’s brewery
  5. STOUT, IIIO brewery
  6. CAPTAIN MORION, First Dnipro Brewery
  7. Imperial Stout Shato, brewery Shato, Kharkiv


Porter|Stout Special

  1. Porter, Kumpel
  2. Na Molotsi, Tsipa
  3. Single Hop Porter, KANT
  4. Chorna, Tsipa
  5. Milky Stout, Dudlyar
  6. Imperial Stout heavy, Sdbrewery
  7. Milk Stout, Sdbrewery
  8. Philosophskiy kamin’, Andersen craft beer
  9. FLAT BLACK, DiD craft


Witbier| Weizenbier

  1. Weizen, Zezя Brewery
  2. Weizen Gold, Yarmarkova brovarnya
  3. Lime Saison, Underwood Brewery
  4. Weizenbock, KANT
  5. Blyznytsia, Tsipa
  6. Galician wheat, Kumpel
  7. Wheat beer, Father’s brewery
  8. Witbier, Volynska brewery
  9. Black Wheat, AltBier GT


Flavor beer

  1. Melone, Solodok
  2. Raspberries Weissbier, Bandit Brewery
  3. Wheat Earl Gray, Kharkiv Microbrewery KGB
  4. Lime Saison, Underwood Brewery
  5. French Ale, AltBier GT
  6. URTICA GINGER, DiD craft
  7. Citrus Lager, AltBier SR
  8. Pumpkin Pie, Dudlyar


Belgian style Ale

  1. Blond Ale, Underwood
  2. Golden Ale, AltBier GT
  3. Golden Ale, Kumpel
  4. Hopi season, Kumpel
  5. Silver Ale, AltBier SR
  6. Lavender season, Krapka Koma
  7. Belgian Red Ale, KANT
  8. Golden, Tsipa
  9. Golden Ale, AltBier SR


Belgian strong Ale

  1. Blond Ale, Dudlyar
  2. Golden Ale, Chumakov
  3. GOLDY, First Dnipro Brewery
  4. Belgian Abbey Ale, Sdbrewery
  5. KVAKnem, AltBier SR
  6. Belgian Strong Ale, Zezя Brewery
  7. Belgian Golden Strong Ale, KANT
  8. Light mind Switch, MATEICH


Red/Amber/Semi dark

  1. American Amber Ale Lisova Pisnya, Krapka Koma
  2. Ale Caramel, Torskaya brewery
  3. Festival (Extra Special Bitter), VG
  4. Chervona, Tsipa
  5. Northen English Brown Ale, Yarmarkova brovarnya
  6. Dragobrat, Tsipa


Special Beer

  1. Passion Bach, Mad Brew
  2. SOUR CHERY, IIIO brewery
  3. PARADISE, PĚST brewery
  4. Rasp Bach, Mad Brew
  5. DOPPEL BOCK, DiD craft
  6. Wee Heavy, Sdbrewery
  7. Melon, Torskaya brewery
  8. Golden Ale, Torskaya brewery
  9. Blonde Ale, Fanatik


Grand prix — Ten Men IPA, Mad Brew

Detailed results of the beer competition in each nomination follow the link below: