Beer Technologies Innovations: a new issue of the magazine is now available for free download!

12 мая 2022

Dear Friends and Partners!
We are glad to tell you great news – a new issue of Beer Technologies & Innovations has already been published!
Colorful, rich, diverse, deep in terms of technology, because the pages of the publication reflect the brewing traditions of the best companies in Ukraine and Georgia, as well as innovative brewing technologies from well-known European companies.
Despite the obstacles posed by the occupier, we are working for the development of the industry, because information savvy is very important today, so as not to give up and continue to delight consumers with their excellent products.
Most of the articles were ready for publication by February 24. But we believe that Ukrainian brewing will hold on and get back on its feet.
Traditionally, in the new issue of the magazine you will find first-hand interviews from brewers and owners of successful beer businesses:
  • Interview with Kumpel Group brewer Taras Falik. The focus is on the launch of a Polish project, the current Ukrainian brewing.
  • Interview with Yulia Kyrylenko, founder of the Litopys brewery, a teacher at the Master Brewery Brewing Course.
  • The magazine contains articles and reports on beer production with an emphasis on technological innovations and modern approaches that guarantee quality:
  • New Brew is a new Zhashkiv brewery that is persistently conquering the market.
  • Red Sat Brewery is a brewery that inspires stable quality and creativity.
  • Altbier – about successful experience in the organization of work of a network of trade establishments.
  • Berdychiv Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine. When time-tested classics are moving towards new technologies.
  • MALLE brewery – a restaurant-brewery that brews and promotes, no – glorifies! only Belgian beer!
  • You will learn about Georgian brewing on the example of Maximus and Rude Boy brewery.
  • MOVA is a new brewery in the Dnieper guarding the craft culture.
  • Bartik beer – experience of work and conquest of the market by mountain breweries.
  • Friday brewery is an example of successful production of domestic ciders.
  • Burning Head Brewery – features of the development of home brewing.
  • Brasserie de la Senne is the work of a Belgian brewery and pub during a pandemic.
  • Modern technological solutions for brewing are offered to the readers of the magazine by Alfa Laval, Termo-pub, A-Profi, Bilek Filtry, Tapi, Fermentis and others.

In the section “Beer Marketing” will be published an article about the successful marketing experience of Concept Glass.

You will find reports on current beer events:

  • Ninth Craft Beer & Vinyl Music festival.
  • Craft Culture Festival.
  • Post-report from the National Restaurant Award SALT.
Read with pleasure!